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Why Us?

Why should you listen to a word I say?

The Experience & Passion of Kelly Vandever

Kelly Vandever

I have been studying the art and science of public speaking for 10 years.

I’ve read the books. I’ve watched and listened to thousands of hours of speeches.

I’m a learning junky who loves soaking up great content from training sessions, conferences and speeches.

I can’t get enough of the world of presentations. Get me started talking about great presentations – connecting with an audience, giving the audience value, interacting with audiences, tweeting during presentations – and I will want to go on and on and on – except that I know not everyone gets as excited about presentations as I do, so in sensitivity to the listener, I will curb my verbal exuberance. (But just know, inside, I’m dying to talk about presentations more!)

I also love helping people.

Seeing a presenter go from “Lame to Fame” – Aaaaahhhhh – can’t you just hear the angels singing! It is such a joy to see speakers who have important messages to get out be able to express themselves, connect with their audience, and make the audience better off for having heard them speak. That’s where the reward comes for me. That’s why I’ve made this my business.

I will continue to learn and grow as a presenter so that I can help my clients continue to learn and grow as well.


Happy Clients Who Find Kelly Easy to Work With

“Approved….with gusto!!” Those were the words of a satisfied client when approving an invoice for my work.

“Kelly, my opening keynote speaker had to cancel at the last minute. You always get great reviews. Can you do our opening keynote?” Words from a repeat customer one week before her conference. Yes, I did the opening keynote plus a concurrent session the next day – and every chair in that concurrent session was filled which I interpret to mean, they liked the keynote or they wouldn’t have shown up to hear me again!

“I want them to apply what they’ve learned. Do you think we could have a contest the second day of the conference?” I love that the great ideas don’t all come from me! This client’s suggestion about a contest spurred a new way to reinforce the concepts so attendees were using the presentation skills the very next day! How great is that for reinforcement! (P.S. The winner walked away with a brand new iPad!)

For more examples of happy clients, see the What Our Clients Say page.


Top 7 Reasons to Choose Kelly Vandever

7. Kelly is an award winning speaker (which will make you look good).

6. Because of her 20 years of management experience, Kelly brings a perspective to speaking, training and coaching that focuses on building the skills and knowledge of her audience. Management really digs this approach.

5. Kelly has an infectious laugh and a great sense of humor. She most assuredly will laugh at your jokes.

4. Kelly likes to point out what is good about other’s presentations as well as how to improve them. Participants agree – it’s nice to hear what’s going well too.

3. Kelly believes in delivering practical, meaningful content that audiences can immediately apply, bringing value to your organization.

2. Kelly has worked with both military and civilian people and has relatives in farming, the health sector, the funeral business and the legal fields. She just plain likes all kinds of people!

1. Kelly will work extremely hard to ensure your event is a success.


Hire Kelly Today!

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Or call 770-597-1108.