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What Our Clients Say

“You know where I started:  I returned from the last conference with a stack of evaluations with (1) circled everywhere that you’d want a (5).  The audience did not get my point and was not sure that I did either,

This time it was a little different.

A guy came up afterward and said  ‘I go to a lot of these conferences and never heard a talk like this. You ought to be doing this at TED!’ and: ‘You should write a book.’  The conference organizer told me that after the session, people ran up to him to tell him how good my presentation was!  Lots of note taking, lots of people photographing the screen. They were a happy and somewhat exhausted audience so I was too.

Thanks, Kelly.

PS: Thinking about TED. Even thinking about that book.”

– Dov Jacobson, Managing Director, GamesThatWork.com


“Thanks, Kelly. With your help, my message and speech are much crisper.”

-Joel Manby, CEO, Herschend Family Entertainment

 Author of Love Works


Kelly, You have no idea how your sessions helped me to improve my presentation skills. On a recent presentation,  I got  very good feedback on the surveys specially on engaging audience, knowledge and preparation. Your tips were very helpful!”

– Wilson Faure, President, Advanced Global Partners


“I thought I needed help with a few Powerpoint slides – what I got was a structured, visually oriented presentation and an approach that delivered impactful messages on a very technical subject.

Kelly Vandever & Speaking Practically have earned my highest recommendation. Anyone seeking to improve their speaking and multimedia communication / presentation efforts would be well served by hiring Kelly.”

– Dan Moore, Principle, Energy Services Group


“You really grasped and addressed the challenges faced by technical resources giving presentations and provided them with great tips and advice on how to stand out in the crowd with their presentations.”

– Terri Callahan, Sr. Technical Director, AT&T


“We have a group of business owners who mostly come from an IT background and who really aren’t necessarily comfortable with sales and marketing and speaking in front of groups… We brought Kelly in for our annual conference… she did a fantastic job…  business owners [were] using her techniques the next day to improve their own presentations.”

– Chip Reeves, CEO, Computer Troubleshooters-Global

Kelly gave very succinct, actionable ideas about structuring a presentation that I can definitely see making use of.  I’ve seen these techniques in action at presentations I’ve attended but getting a detailed overview of best practices along with why they work helped me be less nervous about the thought of eventually presenting!   – Carrie Heffner, MailChimp

This seminar was intense and very interactive.  I came back to work rejuvenated.  I learned so much about myself and feel confident to approach and solve any problem on my way in every day work environment.  Our instructor, Kelly, was the best.  – Zehra M.

After the first day of our workshop, your class was effusive about how much they had learned and about how you created a fun and engaging environment to learn in.  I look forward to working with you again.

– Chris Martin, Senior Staff Development Manager

  Atlanta Habitat for Humanity

It was good timing for my experience.  This covered a lot of what I was presently needing help on.  The instructor Kelly was great.  The role play was a bit awkward but it prepared me for a real life situation that I planned to handle right when the training was done.  – Daniel L.

Excellent facilitator… she kept the class moving and fun.    – Karen J. B.

Clear and easy to understand presentation.  Some very helpful tips.  Starts out basic but smoothly accelerates into an intermediate to advance course.  Highly recommend!   – Maureen Gray

gr8 – Daisy Adarian

Excellent content and pace.  Material is clear and presented in a concise manner for easy and quick comprehension.  – Michele Oliver

Instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable.  Very good teaching style making learning the material easy.  – Jarred J.

Kelly was a great leader for the course.  Very knowledgeable about all areas.  Great discussions transpired through her poking and prodding.  – Scott A.

Kelly was fun and engaging.  Participation made the knowledge stick.  – David L.

One of the Best seminars I participated in.

Kelly was an excellent leader in this training.  The small learning group and Kelly’s style, as well as the material she presented above and beyond the AMA course book really brought the experience together for me.

Good interaction with class.  Kept the tone light and interesting with good examples.

Kelly was a great instructor!  I would take any of her sessions.

This was a good training.  The instructor really tried hard to keep the group engaged and interactive.

Excellent – how to tell the story.  Kelly has made it so much easier.

Interesting methodology to build stories.  Kelly was a good model that one does not have to be a natural-born entertainer to be an effective public speaker.

Liked the way she engaged the attendee with hands-on activity.

Organizations Kelly Has Worked with Include:

    • Adtech Ceramics
      Barber Dairy
      Bayer Corporation
      Blue Cross Blue Shield
      Brightstar Care
      Card-Monroe Corp
      Computer Troubleshooters Global
      Domtar Industries
      Donan Engineering Inc
      Eaton/Cooper Power Systems
      Educators Advancement Group
      Energy Services Group
      Federal Express
      Florida Head Start Association
      Games that Work
      Golden State Foods
      Hershend Family Entertainment
      The Home Depot
      Keller Williams Southeast Region
      Lodge Manufacturing Company
      Mercedes Benz
      Mueller Company
      National Pharmaceutical SAS Users Group
      PointClear Solutions
      Region IV Head Start Association
      Southern Company
      Southern Poverty Law Center
      Sulzer Process Pumps
      Technology Association of Georgia
      Telular Corporation
      Thompson Technologies
      Verizon Wireless
      Yamaha Motor Corporation
      Yokogawa Corporation of America
      Zippo Manufacturing Company
      and more…


Coaching clients have included:




Sales professionals



Corporate leaders


Kelly also taught public speaking as an adjunct professor at Kennesaw State University