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Demonstrate Your Products

I remember in the late 90’s sitting through two vendors’ software product demonstrations for a system that I was convinced was going to make my life so much easier.  I remember having to ask a ton of questions because they weren’t addressing the things I cared about quickly enough.  I didn’t see everything click by click in the product.  I just wanted to know if the software would do what we needed it to do in a way that suited the way we did business.

Later, managing people who implemented software, I wondered aloud with my employees just what product the sales guy had sold to the client because it sure wasn’t anything that existed currently.

Communicating your product so that prospects can understand and you can deliver on it is not an easy undertaking.  Whether you’re launching a new product or demonstrating the one you already have, the quality of your demonstrate will have a big impact on your success at landing your deal.

If you are motivated to fix your product demos and are willing to invest in your organization to do so, click here [link to Get Professional Help] to learn more about how we can help.  Or give Kelly a call at 770-597-1108.  Let’s figure out what options makes sense to help you give killer product demos grow your business.

If you want to improve your demos but are on a tight budget, then click here [link to Help Yourself] to see ways you can help yourself for little or no cost.

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