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Grow Your Business

The right presentation to the right audience can help you grow your business. Consider the publicity you could garner for your organization by:

  • Speaking as an Industry Expert
  • Speaking to Your Customer’s Professional Association
  • Speaking at Business Networking Meetings

Presenting to the right audiences increase awareness of your expertise and your organization.  Speaking publically helps people get to know you better, get to like you better and get to trust you more.   How many times you’ve seen a speaker and thought, “That would be a cool person to hang out with”?  What if people were saying that about you?  How much is that worth to you?  To your business?

Through this site and through our services, you can learn how to maximize your ability to connect with your audiences and build better, more meaningful relationships long after a presentation is over.


Demonstrate Your Product

I sat through vendor software product demonstrations for a system that I was convinced was going to make my life so much easier.  I remember having to ask a ton of questions because they weren’t addressing the things I cared about quickly enough.  I didn’t want to see a “click by click” of the product.  I just wanted to know if the software would do what we needed it to do in a way that suited the way we did business.

Communicating your product so that prospects can understand is not an easy undertaking.  Whether you’re launching a new product or demonstrating the one you already have, the quality of your presentation will have a big impact on your success at landing the deal.

If you are motivated to fix your product demos start by putting yourself in the shoes of your buyer.  Tell a story that resonates with their challenges and their desires for their business.  If you need help, call Kelly Vandever at 770-597-1108.