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Why Presentations Matter – Because Kids Need Healthy Teeth!


Blue Toothbrush

by Kelly Vandever

I blame my English heritage for my bad teeth though I admit I also think my parents could have done a better job of teaching me to brush (sorry dad — I love you!).  I also think I should have done a better job of teach my own kids to brush (sorry C & Z — mommy loves you!).

If only there were a better way to teach children to brush their teeth — one that takes into account how firmly the child is brushing, one that makes sure the child brushes all the surfaces of their mouth, one that makes sure they brush long enough — and does it in a way that is entertaining, but more importantly, actually changes behavior long term.

Well there is.  I know, because I coached the people who developed the product to give presentations to promote the product!

Brush Up:  The Toothbrush Training Game

I couldn’t help my own kids brush their teeth effectively.  But through helping the brilliant people who developed this product give a better presentation, maybe I can have an impact on my grandchildren’s teeth, and your children’s teeth, and the teeth of your grandkids, and the teeth of your niece, and your nephew, and your next door neighbor, and on and on and on.

GamesThatWork, the amazing company that developed this product and did the research to validate that it works, has started a Kickstarter campaign to develop the Blue Toothbrush that will bring this product to market.  Join in the campaign now and you can get the game and prototype for the kids you love!

Here’s the link to the campaign.


Go watch the video.  Read about the process and the results.  Then make a contribution and get one of the prototypes for your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, kid next door…  Help improve teeth health for this new generation of kids!

What’s the Important Impact You Want to Make?

Spending the time to do a great presentation can make a difference.  For GamesThatWork, that difference will be helping children have healthier teeth.  What will it be for you?  Take the time to improve your presentation so you can change the world for the better!

Presentations Matter!






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