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What’s Your Favorite TED Talk?



If you’re unfamiliar with TED.com it’s a marvelous place to view speeches on a myriad of topics which will amaze and fascinate you!  As their tag line says, they believe in “Ideas worth spreading.”  Click here to go to the website.

TED Talks as they’re called originally started in California but TEDx events are now held around the world and give voice to even more great ideas.

For those of you familiar with TED…

Share a Link to Your Favorite TED Talk!

So let’s spread some ideas worth spreading!  Share with us your favorite TEDtalk.  As you share, tell us why that talk is one of your favorites.  What do you notice about the presentation and the speaker that we can learn from?  How can we take lessons from these great speakers to improve ourselves?

Share your links and thoughts in the comments below!