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What ARE All the Different Ways that You Can Present????


I know my mom told me not to talk to strangers, but it’s really tempting to do so on Twitter!  (OK, OK, I do it all the time on Twitter!)

Some time back, I ran across a tweet from someone asking for help on a presentation.  I learned from Gary Vaynerchuck (speaker and author of the book “The Thank You Economy” ) the idea of giving without asking for anything in return, so I tweeted back offering to help.  He sent me a link.  What I thought I’d see was a recording of someone delivering a presentation at the front of the room.  What I saw was a stand-alone set of slides that carried the authors message in written form similar the two links below.



Weird.  I’d never thought of that as a presentation.


What Is a Presentation?

I guess I always defined a presentation as one or more people speaking to a group of two or more.  How do you define presentation?  What are the various ways that people present?

Below are the different ways that I’ve thought fall into the category of a presentation.  I’m sure I’m missing something.  Tell me what I’ve missed.  What do you consider a presentation?

In-person presentation with one or more people addressing to a small group, as in a business meeting or sales pitch.

In person presentation with one person speaking to a large group as in a keynote speech to a professional association or an all company meeting.

Combination in-person and live streaming presentation where one or more people present to an in-person audience while simultaneously a video of the speaker is being viewed remotely by people who couldn’t be at the event.

Combination in-person and off-site presentation, similar to the last example except that while the speaker engages the in-person audience with an activity, the speaker also has another task to engage the off-site viewers.

A teleconference where one or more people speak live to a group by phone – sometimes with the audience being able to speak and ask questions, other times with the audience muted.

Live remote presentations using a web conferencing tool where one or two people are speaking to a group through a computer.  The group watching normally sees PowerPoint slides as the speaker presenters.  Alternatively, the speaker may also demonstrate a computer program or walk the audience through a website.  The audience may see a picture or a video of the speaker or they may not depending on the software and the presenters preferences.

An asynchronous presentation, recorded with or without an audience, then posted to be viewed by others at their convenience.

A panel discussion where the panelists make a statement before being asked questions by the moderator or the audience.

A training class.

A lecture.


What Else?

What comes to mind when you hear the word “presentation”?  Please add your thoughts in the comments below.