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Wanted: A Good Editor



By Tom Nixon

A recurring problem I see when coaching professionals of all types is the lack of good editing. Whether writing a speech or creating a visual presentation (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.), we all put in too much information and then hate to trim it down. It is just human nature.

But the realities of live presentations are that there is only so much the audience can walk away with. The more we try to deliver from the podium the less our listeners will absorb. We must edit.

I believe good editing starts with having a big idea that everything in the presentation should  flow from. One idea and maybe three to five supporting points with examples — that’s it. Every slide, every sentence should be held up to this core idea for consistency. If it doesn’t work to deliver your main concept then it should be modified or tossed — even if you are absolutely in love with the brilliance of your creation.

The hard work of creating something worth presenting is in the editing.


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