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Uses for Presentation Skills After the Zombie Apocalypse

Sales or Zombie Apocalypse - These Presentation Skills Work!My husband and son have each been called “MacGyver” on multiple occasions by friends and family. They are both intelligent, resourceful and the kind of men you’d want to hang out with during a Zombie Apocalypse. (My son even has a t-shirt that declares, “In Case of Zombie Apocalypse, Follow Me.”) They can handle weapons. They can build things. They can survive off the land. They have all the skills that would be essential to survival in the case of a Zombie Apocalypse.

I recently read quotes from an article by Arizona State professor Adam Chodorow about the implications of a Zombie Apocalypse on current estate tax law. After I got done laughing and sending a copy to people I know would appreciate the article, I started thinking about my own contribution to a Zombie Apocalypse society. How would I contribute?

Then it occurs to me.  Strong public speaking skills would still be of great value in an apocalyptic, zombie-infested world.

Do you doubt me?  Well consider this…


Leadership Toward a Common Goal

Sure, bringing groups of people together toward a common cause in an organization is important. But imagine how much more important it will be in the case of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Organizational leaders present their vision to the troops to rally them around the business goals. The same will be needed in a Zombie Apocalypse. We have to band together to slay the zombies. We have to gather food, medicines and supplies. We need fire and water and shelter. Sure, it’s easier to create a vision for what’s needed during a Zombie Apocalypse than in a business environment.  But you still need to move your group toward mutually beneficial goals on behalf of the collective and the world.


Persuasive Presentations

If the TV show The Walking Dead has taught us anything, it’s that people get really suspicious of strangers during a Zombie Apocalypse. You think it’s difficult to make that sales presentation? Think about if what you’re trying to sell is your admittance to a safe-hold community?

Instead of showing an organization how your product will solve their problems or help them generate more revenue, you’ve got a whole different set of features and benefits to sell. You’ll have to persuade the collective group that you have skills that can help them, that you know of resources that will contribute to the group and that above all, you can be trusted. People in a Zombie Apocalypse are skittish. You have to be über convincing. It’s not just the sale or the health of your business – it’s your life!


Motivational Speaking

Let’s face it, life can wear you down. Motivational speakers can help pick us up and remind us why we do what we do. In a Zombie Apocalypse, constantly fighting zombies, being hungry, running sleep-deprived, people are going to burn out. Having the skills to keep motivating people, to remind them of why they work to stay alive, will be even more important.

People will want to know The 5 Ways You Can Keep Running When Being Chased by Fast Zombies. They’ll want to know The Secrets of Steve The Fiercest Zombie Slayer… And How You Can Apply The Same Skills To Your Zombie Slaying Efforts. And if you can speak on How to Get Zombies to Disappear Without Breaking a Sweat, you can write your ticket in the post apocalyptic world.


Zombie Apocalypse Skills Sets

OK, so maybe public speaking is not the first on the list of skills you hope to have should a Zombie Apocalypse strike. But you have to admit, being able to present your ideas to groups of people will still be important even when the zombies are banging at the door.

And if you’re thinking that you need some of these presentations skills before the Zombie Apocalypse hits, let me know. I bet I can help! Call me at 770-597-1108.