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Twitter – The Presenter’s New Best Bud – Part 10 – Keep the Conversation Going


SoCon11.  Following the questions from the panel moderator, the floor was opened for audience questions.  Runners maneuvered around the packed house getting microphones to those who had questions.  As the time allotted on the program came to an end, there were still folks with hands raised who didn’t get a chance to ask their questions.

While you might like to continue answer questions, you have to honor the time table of the event planners.  Now with Twitter, you can enjoy another channel to keep the conversation going.

Before You End Your Session, Ask Them to Keep Connected

Toward the end of your presentation, encourage your audience to continue the conversation with you and with each other.

Announce a place online where you can continue to connect.  Use a follow up page on your website or a special place on your blog.  Invite the audience to engage there.

Provide the link to your online connection on your handouts.

Let your audience know that you’ll continue to answer questions on Twitter using the session hashtag.

If you’ve build rapport with your audience, if you have additional information to share with them, having a way to connect after the presentation is important to building that relationship.

Follow Up after the Presentation – Blog/Webpage

The previous post of this blog is an example of an online follow up from a session.  It was a small audience with only a few people tweeting so I reordered the tweets from earliest to latest to make them easier to follow along.  For a bigger group with more tweets, I would have just listed them as they appear in Twitter from most recent to earliest.  By posting the tweets on a blog, there is place for people to comment and keep the conversation going.

Based on what works best for you, consider how you might continue the discussion with your audience.  A blog works well because it has a built in area for comments.  If you don’t have a blog, is there another way that you can set something up through your website that will give people the opportunity to keep connecting?  Find whatever works well for you and that will be easy for your attendees to adapt to.

What have you found that works well?  I’d love to hear!  Please add your comments below!

Follow Up after the Presentation – Twitter

The other thing I’m doing is to keep monitoring the session hashtag.  There was one follow up question and I answered that on Twitter.  I answered that tweet on Twitter and then copied it into the follow up page on the blog. If it had been a bigger audience with more questions, I could have answered any unanswered questions from the session on Twitter as well. I will continue to check the session hashtag over the next few days for any follow up questions.

Be sure to block time on your calendar after an event for your follow up.  After all, if people want to engage with you, you’ll want to be sure to be there when they arrive!

Let Your Handouts Help


In addition to flashing follow up information on a screen and discussing in your presentation, be sure to include that the online and twitter hashtag on your handouts as well so people are able to follow up.

What Have You Found Helpful in Your Follow Ups?


Have you used other techniques in your follow ups with audience members?  What’s working well for you?  Please share in the comments below, we’d love to hear!

Next Post – The Coolest Part of Twitter Interaction

There is still more work to do after the presentation.  And this part is really cool!  See the next post!