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Top Ten Posts of 2017


In case you missed these Top 10 Posts, here’s a quick review.

1 – Need to Show a Website While You Present?  Two Quick Tricks Using PowerPoint

by Kelly Vandever

Recently I watched a conference presenter who used Google docs slides as part of a presentation. In addition to his Google slides, he went to the live websites (rather than using a screen shot of the website) because the live sites better illustrated the points he was making.

When he came to the point in his presentations where he wanted to show a website, he stopped, look across a dozen or so open tabs, found the one he wanted, clicked on it, then resumed his discussion.

It’s wasn’t a huge deal though it did interrupt the flow of the presentation. But the audience appeared understanding and waited while the speaker went back and forth between the tabs and his presentation.

It just got me thinking…this would be a perfect use of PowerPoint’s Web Viewer App.

Click here to read to read about Web Viewer and the Other Quick Trick to Show a Website in PowerPoint.



2 – Updated List of Font in Across Mac and Windows Versions of PowerPoint

by Kelly Vandever

I once came to the rescue of Kevin Harrington, the famous entrepreneur who was in the first couple of seasons of Shark Tank.  He was set to speak at an event and his PC didn’t want to play nice with the venue’s projector.  Working with his assistant and tech support at the facility, we tested my MacBook and it did work with the projector.  So Kevin’s assistant quickly saved his slides to a thumb drive, and I loaded them on my MacBook.  From there, we quickly worked to fix the ensuing wrapping problems that came from the font’s incompatibilities when moving from PowerPoint for the PC to PowerPoint on the Mac.

For those of you who straddle the Mac and PC Worlds, the best way to save frantic, last-minute font adjusting like we did for the Shark is to use fonts that are found both on the PC and on the Mac.  Below is an updated list of fonts that are found in both Mac and Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions of PowerPoint.

Click Here to See the Font Comparisons Across Mac and Windows Versions of PowerPoint.



3 – Zoom:  PowerPoint’s Answer to Prezi?  Valuable New Tool?  You Make the Call!

by Kelly Vandever

So the last time you were hanging out on the Insert tab of PowerPoint 2016, did you happen to look at the Links group? Have you noticed the new comer? Yes, that’s right, there’s a new link available called Zoom! One of the newest features in PowerPoint!

Not to be confused with Zoom when in presentation mode and you zoom in for a closer look at the slide. Or the Zoom In on bottom right status bar. No, this Zoom creates an image of a slide, then hyperlinks to that slide.

Read more about the Zoom Feature in PowerPoint 2016 by Clicking Here.


4 – What If You Don’t Like the Default Size 16:9 Slide Size in PowerPoint

by Kelly Vandever

Currently, when opening a new slide in PowerPoint, it will open by default to a larger sized slide.  Instead of the traditional 4:3 dimensions most people are used to, it opens as 16:9 by default.

There isn’t a way to change any settings or option if you prefer to stick with the 4:3 dimensions, but here’s a work around.

Click Here to See the Workaround.


5 – Translating PowerPoint Slides – How to Choose Fonts in PowerPoint that Are Used in Both the Windows and Mac Versions of PowerPoint

by Kelly Vandever

During a training class last week while using a PC laptop, I mentioned in passing that my other computer was a Mac.  (OK, truth be told, I was having some technical issues and I said that I wasn’t used to using a PC – that I normally use a Mac.  But honestly, I wasn’t being snooty when I said it!)

After the session, one of the attendees asked me how I dealt with “translation” issues between slides created in the Mac version of PowerPoint versus slides created on a Windows version of PowerPoint.  This can be an issue for those collaborating with others in a mixed computer environment or working with clients in the “other computer’s” world.  Here’s what I told him.

Click Here to Read What I Told Him.


6 – Book Review – Presentation Zen:  Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery
by Garr Reynolds

by Kelly Vandever

You had me at Guy Kawasaki’s foreword.    

As I soaked up the pages of Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen, I said to my husband, “Oh my gosh, this book is AWESOME!”

I usually don’t get giddy about a book.  I was giggling as I said those words to the hubby.

Click Here to Read Why You Might Be Excited If You Too Read Garr Reynolds’ Book.



7 – When a Speaker’s Mind Goes Completely Blank

by Claudia Brogan

When working with aspiring speakers, I have found out at least one secret fear that we all have about public speaking.

What will I do if my mind goes blank?

Read What to Do If Your Mind Goes Blank as a Public Speaker


8 – Public Speaking Training Online – What Good Can Come from Practicing a Presentation Online

by Kelly Vandever

I was talking recently to a college professor who is teaching public speaking in a “blended” learning environment.  I didn’t get the impression that it was his idea but portions of the class were conducted online rather than in a traditional classroom.

I must have involuntarily made a face because he said, “I know, it seems a little strange.  A public speaking class — online.  But one thing I notice is…

Click Here to See What He Noticed and What Can Be a Good Aspect of Practicing a Presentation Online


9 – Want to Broadcast a Presentation for Free Online?  You Can with PowerPoint of All Things!

by Kelly Vandever

Say you want to present to a colleague in another state. You’d like to share some information or explain a new process and a simple phone call isn’t going to suffice. You need some visual aids to go along with what you’re saying.

Did you know you can use PowerPoint to help yourself out? And it’s free!

Click Here to Learn How It Works.


10 – Location for Free Royalty-Free Pictures Has Been Changed – SXC.hu Is Now FreeImages.com

by Kelly Vandever

I’ve mentioned a great location for free, royalty-free pictures in one of my most popular posts.  Recently I discovered that the “name” of the website has changed.

Click Here to Find Links to This Great Source of Free Images.