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Top 5 Blog Posts of 2018


Time for our annual review of the top blog posts of 2018!  Drum roll please!!!

#5 – How to Give a Presentation Without Using Notes

By Natalie Gallagher

Pop quiz: What’s the best way to lose your place during your presentation?

 Answer: Look down at your notes.

It’s counterintuitive, isn’t it? After all, shouldn’t your carefully prepared notes mean you have a greater chance of success? Sometimes, sure. But more often than not, presenters use notes as a crutch because they don’t trust their own brains to keep track of it all. And stopping to look at little words on a note card or piece of paper can be distracting enough that it works against you.

However, speakers who train their brains to deliver at their full potential don’t need notes at all. In fact, once you learn how to present without notes, you’ll never want to go back.

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#4 – Strategies for Improving Physical Movements During Presentations

By Natalie Gallagher

One of the best scenes from an otherwise mediocre movie was when Will Farrell’s character in “Talladega Nights” couldn’t figure out what to do with his hands while he was speaking in front of a large crowd. While he spoke, his arms slowly kept rising next to him, as if possessed by their own will. The humor stems from the commonality of this issue. All presenters have wondered at one time or another, “What on earth do I do with my hands?” The uncertainty often leads to awkward, distracting, or otherwise unappealing movements while speaking.

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#3 –  Zoom – PowerPoint’s Answer to Prezi? Valuable New Tool? You Make the Call!

By Kelly Vandever

So the last time you were hanging out on the Insert tab of PowerPoint 2016, did you happen to look at the Links group? Have you noticed the new comer? Yes, that’s right, there’s a new link available called Zoom! One of the newest features in PowerPoint!

Not to be confused with Zoom when in presentation mode and you zoom in for a closer look at the slide. Or the Zoom In on bottom right status bar. No, this Zoom creates an image of a slide, then hyperlinks to that slide.

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#2 – The Latest News in Font Compatibility across PC and Mac Versions of PowerPoint!

By Kelly Vandever

Good News on the Font Front!

Not many people will appreciate good news about fonts…

But if you have to be flexible enough to present your PowerPoint slides on either a PC version of PowerPoint and a Mac version of PowerPoint, I have good news.

With the latest update to PowerPoint for the Mac, Microsoft made it so that fonts that are saved as embedded fonts* in a Windows version of PPT can now come over and be viewed correctly in Mac version of PowerPoint!  Yeah!  This should help some presenters from having their PowerPoint text look odd because of unrecognized font types.  (Well at least of TrueType fonts.)

(*To embed fonts in the PC version of PowerPoint, go to File / Options / Save and check the box toward the bottom of the page that says Embed fonts in the file. I personally choose the option to Embed all characters just in case I decide to change any of the text later.)

Unfortunately, the reciprocity does not go the other way around.  There is still no way embed fonts in a Mac version of PPT and have it persistent in the PC version of PPT.

But hey, it’s progress!

Thanks Microsoft!  It’s the little things that make me happy!

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#1 – Need to Show a Website While You Present? Two Quick Tricks Using PowerPoint

By Kelly Vandever

Recently I watched a conference presenter who used Google docs slides as part of a presentation. In addition to his Google slides, he went to the live websites (rather than using a screen shot of the website) because the live sites better illustrated the points he was making.

When he came to the point in his presentations where he wanted to show a website, he stopped, look across a dozen or so open tabs, found the one he wanted, clicked on it, then resumed his discussion.

It’s wasn’t a huge deal though it did interrupt the flow of the presentation. But the audience appeared understanding and waited while the speaker went back and forth between the tabs and his presentation.

It just got me thinking…this would be a perfect use of PowerPoint’s Web Viewer App.

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