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This Presentation Geek Loves TED… Do You?


Last year, I was networking with a woman who graciously told me about a TEDxAtlanta event.  She explained that I had to apply to attend and that the organizers read the entries to discern who will be given one of the limited seats.  She told me the date they started accepting applications so I marked my calendar.  On the appointed date, I sent in my application and after waiting a couple of anxious days, I was accepted!  Does that make me a total presentation geek?   Let’s just say if there had been a line, I would have waited overnight in the rain!

What is TED?

If you have a passion for watching great speeches then a must view is http://TED.com.   (I can’t believe I forgot to include it on the list in the last post!)

TED describes the experience like this…  “Gather the world’s leading thinkers and doers, offer them four days of rapid-fire stimulation, and the result? Unexpected connections. Extraordinary insights. Powerful inspiration.”

They’re right!

Tickets for the actual TED event are pricey.  But the website it free.  The speeches are on amazing topics.  The presenters that make it to the TEDx stage are accomplished speakers but it’s clear to me that it’s the important content of their messages that really make the presentations worth watching.


While I’ve never been to TED, I have to believe the second best thing to being at “the” annual TED conference is attending a local TEDx event.  This afternoon, I have the privilege to attend my second TEDxAtlanta.

As is my custom, I will be tweeting from the event.  The hashtag is #creativity2011 if you’d like to follow along.  I hope to capture the expressions of what this year’s brilliant minds have to say – or at least retweet the messages of others that capture it well.

If you have any questions you want me to ask when you see the tweets, be sure to send me a message!  I’d love to make this truly interactive!  My twitter handle is @KellyVandever.

And now for your turn…

If you come to TEDxAtlanta, let me know who your favorite presenters were and why.

If you’re a TED groupie, let me know what your favorite TED videos are!

Please share in the comments below!

Tomorrow, I’ll give you my favorite picks from TEDxAtlanta!