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The Latest News in Font Compatibility across PC and Mac Versions of PowerPoint!


By Kelly Vandever


Good News on the Font Front!

Not many people will appreciate good news about fonts…

But if you have to be flexible enough to present your PowerPoint slides on either a PC version of PowerPoint and a Mac version of PowerPoint, I have good news.

With the latest update to PowerPoint for the Mac, Microsoft made it so that fonts that are saved as embedded fonts* in a Windows version of PPT can now come over and be viewed correctly in Mac version of PowerPoint!  Yeah!  This should help some presenters from having their PowerPoint text look odd because of unrecognized font types.  (Well at least of TrueType fonts.)

(*To embed fonts in the PC version of PowerPoint, go to File / Options / Save and check the box toward the bottom of the page that says Embed fonts in the file. I personally choose the option to Embed all characters just in case I decide to change any of the text later.)

Unfortunately, the reciprocity does not go the other way around.  There is still no way embed fonts in a Mac version of PPT and have it persistent in the PC version of PPT.

But hey, it’s progress!

Thanks Microsoft!  It’s the little things that make me happy!

Font that Are Common in Both the PC and Mac Versions of PowerPoint (and What’s Also Available in PowerPoint Online)

For those who want to know what fonts can be found in both the PC and the Mac versions of PowerPoint, see the updated list below.  I’ve also noted those fonts that are standard in the PowerPoint online version as well.


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