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Thank You to Big Fish Games


Yesterday, while pulling up my bank statement online to look at my balance, I noticed a recurring charge to a well known company who used to be huge in the movie rental business but who didn’t keep up with the move to digital.  (I’ll let you guess which company it is.)

I know for a fact that I have never ever had a recurring account with said company, and realized someone had stolen my credit card number.  Crap.

Upon going back through my statement, I noticed 3 other companies with charges that I’d not done business with.  Double crap.

So I started making phone calls to get things taken care of.

The aforementioned video company canceled the account, marked it as fraudulent and said I had to go to my bank to dispute the charge.  Crap again.

At this point, I’m feeling pretty crappy.

I call Big Fish Games – one of the other companies where I know I’ve never done any business.

I talked to James.  James asked me a few questions.  Told me the first part of the email address where the account was set up (the part before the @ symbol) and that it was set up in Florida.  Obviously not me.

He got my email address, told me he was turning it over to their fraud department and that I should get a refund within 5 business day.

I actually felt better when I got off the phone with James.  Better.

Here I was dealing with a crappy situation, someone stealing my card, and I felt better after talking to James the Big Fish Games customer service guy.

James told me he was sorry about the situation, but he didn’t do it in that annoying, scripted-customer-service-response-sorry way.  He said it like an authentic human being.  I think he even said it had happened recently to him.

After dealing with the aforementioned video company, I expected James to say that I’d have to dispute the claim with my bank.  Nope.  James could tell by the information I had provided that I was telling the truth and Big Fish Games would refund my money.


I’m lucky.  The “good” news is, that all the charges from my stolen card totaled $54.42.  My card is now cancelled and my bank, SunTrust, also had great customer service in dealing with my case.


But I’m writing this post because I specifically want to  thank Big Fish Games for being a real, decent company who treated me like a person and not an inconvenience to be dealt with by script #207.

I’m not a gamer, but if I were, I’d want to use Big Fish Games.  If you treat a non-customer this well, you must treat your actual customers like kings.

You’re a class act.  Thanks, James and thanks Big Fish Games.






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