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3 Reasons for Technical Presenters to Tell a Story

By Bob Goodyear

I’ve had the opportunity to train numerous technical sales teams on different soft skills, including stories. One of the techniques that I teach is the 5 C’s of storytelling, which I’ve written about previously. This is a difficult subject for many technical people. In every class, I generally get these 3 questions.

When do I tell a story in a technical presentation?
Why should I tell a story in a technical presentation?
What kind of stories should I tell?

When to Tell a Story
The “traditional” technical sales presentation is …

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Storytelling Brings Along a Point

by Bob Goodyear

Storytelling in business presentations is a big topic today. It’s something that has been discussed for the last several years and continues to grow. If you Google the term “business storytelling,” you’ll find over 30 million references. The importance of storytelling in business has become essential.

I’ve written about storytelling several times. I’ve written about how to construct a story, where to put a story in technical presentations, and why to use stories. I want to expand on the why.

Recently I …

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