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Stand Up, Stand Out: Presentation Skills for Scientists and Technologists

Presentation Skills for Technical and Scientific PresentersAs a subject matter expert, you make important presentations that can make a difference…provided your audience can connect with you and your message.

Imagine delivering more effective technical and scientific presentation to get the results you need:

Gain the support of your boss and colleagues
Communicate findings that lead to action
Influence organizational and public policy change
Be recognized as an authority in your field

In this program, you’ll apply the essential presentation skills needed to deliver an effective technical or scientific presentation:

– Evaluate the needs of your audience and effectively connect those needs to your desired outcome
– Plan your presentation to effectively cover the most important content without falling into the trap of information overload
– Deliver content in a way that engages the audience and increases their retention of your important technical and scientific information
– Develop presentation slides that increase retention and information transfer
– Discover your personal delivery style, accentuating your strengths and eliminating any verbal or physical distractions

Walk away with the groundwork for your next presentation complete and a plan for additional preparation ready to implement.

You have an important message to communicate.  Invest your time and you’ll Stand Up and Stand Out for all the right reasons.


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