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Stand Up, Stand Out: Presentation Skills for Executives and Business Leaders

Business leader addressing a large audience.As a leader, you have a unique opportunity to advance your organization.  Are you getting the results you want?

Learn how a great presentation can help you

  • Motivate your team
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Increase revenue

In this combination workshop and coaching program, you’ll get individualized attention to perfect your next presentation.

Before the workshop, you’ll be connected with the workshop leader, Kelly Vandever, who will review recordings, outlines, notes and slides of your past and upcoming presentations.

During the workshop, you’ll learn the 5 key elements that will elevate your presentation.  As a result of the workshop you’ll

Analyze, assess and connect with your audience
Build a presentation that achieves your desired impact
Create slides that increase retention and capture interest
Craft stories that make your message stick
Prepare wisely and effectively for maximum result

Full-day and longer workshops may include video recording of participants.

After the workshop, you’ll receive additional presentation coaching from the facilitator.  Kelly Vandever will be available by phone, Skype, and email, as well as onsite coaching if requested.


Want to know if this program is for you?  Consider this success story:

You know where I started:  I returned from the last conference with a stack of evaluations with (1) circled everywhere that you’d want a (5).  The audience did not get my point and was not sure that I did either.

This time it was a little different.

A guy came up afterward and said  ’I go to a lot of these conferences and never heard a talk like this. You ought to be doing this at TED!’  The conference organizer told me that after the session, people ran up to him to tell him how good my presentation was!  Lots of note taking, lots of people photographing the screen. They were a happy and somewhat exhausted audience so I was too.

Thanks, Kelly.

– Dov Jacobson, Managing Director, GamesThatWork


If your presentations are important to you, your team and to your organization, contact us today to talk about a program especially for you!

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