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Self-Evaluation of Your Presentation Strengths and Areas for Improvement


As I mentioned in the last blog post, during our seminar, we asked participants to comment on themselves.  Specifically we asked:

How did you feel?

What did you do well?

What areas do you still want to work on?

One guess as to which question stumped people the most.  If you guessed the second questions, “What did you do well?” then you’d be right.

Why Can’t We Love Ourselves?

OK, maybe that’s a bigger question than a presentations skills blog is prepared to answer.  But in any endeavor, we are more likely to excel if we approach it by building on our strengths rather than correcting our weakness.

“But Kelly,” you may be thinking, “what if presenting is my weakness?!”  I’ve yet to see a person who stinks 100% at all things presentation.  Maybe that person is out there.  But I’m pretty darn sure they’re not reading this blog post!  You have strengths as a presenter.

Are you likable?  That’s a strength.  Do you have a voice that easy to listen to?  That’s a strength. Do you have a nice smile?  Strength! Are you sincere?  BIG strength!  You have strengths!  I guarantee it!

Then why do so many of us not concentrate on our strengths?   Why did one of our participants, as he was answering the “What did you do well?” question move directly into the answering the “areas to work on” question before it was even asked?   My theory it’s a combination of factors.  Part being taught not to brag on ourselves.  Part being harder on ourselves than others are on us.  And part not recognizing our own strengths because they come to us naturally.  So what to do?

Listen to What Others Tell You

Ask others to watch you present and ask them to tell you what they think you do well.  Ask multiple people and on multiple occasions.  If you ask one or two people, they’ll say something to be polite.  But if you hear the same comment from multiple people, that’s what we call a trend!  And a trend is going to ring truer than the platitudes people will be tempted to give.

Give Yourself Permission to Like Yourself

You don’t need to be arrogant to feel good about yourself.  Audience want to see a confident speaker.  Be that confident speaker!  Know that it’s OK to feel good because you do something well!

Now Put It to Work!  Tell Us What You Do Well as a Presenter!

So what is it you do well as a presenter?  Tell us below!   Feel good about what you do well!





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