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Raising Bail Money – For a Good Cause (MDA) – My Social Media Experiment


So this nice lady calls me on the phone to say that my name was submitted to be thrown in jail to help raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).  She said someone told her that I was a nice and giving person… that someone told her that for sure I’d say yes.

How do you say no to that kind of flattery?  Someone must have told her I respond very well to positive reinforcement!

So I said yes… then I decided to try a little experiment.

I’m on social media probably more than I should be.  It totally feeds my adult-onset attention deficit disorder!  So I thought I’d ask for money without using email.  I thought I’d see what happened if I just did Facebook, Twitter and Google+ posts.

Rather than talk about presentation skills today, I thought I’d take a little diversion and talk about my little experiment.

So far, I’ve gotten some very kind donations.  But still am a long way from my goal.

By the way, if you’re reading this post and want to donate a buck or twenty… here is the link to the donation website https://www.joinmda.org/MyLockup/MyHomepage/tabid/245467/Participant/kellyvandever/Default.aspx

(What?  Blogs count as social media, kind of, right?)

One person who donated asked me if I had a special connection to MDA.  I don’t.  I asked her if she did.  She doesn’t.  There just are so many organizations doing such important work to help so many people in need.  I wish there was a way to help more people more of the time.

How do you make decisions about where you give your time and your treasure to help others?  Anyone have any good advice on how to do more?

Love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

God bless you for the ways you help others.  Keep on helping and giving!