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Q&A – A Different Way



by Bob Goodyear

Recently I spoke at a technical conference where the audience was made up of professional technical sales people. My objective was to explain a new technology to this group and have them understand why their customers were looking at implementing it in their datacenters. The traditional way to do this is to have a presenter (me) stand up and explain it for 45 minutes and then open the session to Q&A. I wanted to make the presentation different so I tried something new.

I never close a presentation with a Q&A as I mentioned in my last post; I follow the best practice of having a Q&A right before I leave a closing thought. While I wanted the Q&A in the same place, I decided to try something new. Instead of a traditional Q&A where the audience asks questions and the presenter answers, I turned it around by asking the audience questions about my presentation but in a fun way.

I used a free application called kahoot. Kahoot allows you to create a quiz that can be projected from your laptop. Audience members then can play along by answering the questions using a personal device that is connected to the internet. The faster someone answers a question, the more points they earn if they answer it correctly. Kahoot then keeps track of all answers and at the end of each question, displays a leaderboard of the top scorers. It has a lot of other features that I encourage you to learn about it.

I created an 8 question quiz related to the presentation content. I began the quiz by displaying the first kahoot screen. It was amazing to watch over 100 very technical sales people willingly break out their phones and login. The room became VERY animated with lots of interaction as each question was displayed and then answered. After each question, we had a discussion about the correct answer as well as answer any other questions the audience had about the topic.

At the end of the Q&A, I closed with a story and summarized what I wanted the audience to remember. After closing, several audience members came up to me told me how much they enjoyed the Q&A “twist.”

What I found was that doing Q&A a different way worked for this presentation. While I don’t suggest that this will work for every presentation you do, it is a fun alternative to having a traditional question and answer time. Keep this idea in your idea file and maybe you will find a time when it is appropriate for one of your presentations.




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