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Public Speaking Training Online? What Good Can Come from Practicing a Presentation Online.


Public Speaking Training Online - Practice Your Presentation MoreI was talking recently to a college professor who is teaching public speaking in a “blended” learning environment.  I didn’t get the impression that it was his idea but portions of the class were conducted online rather than in a traditional classroom.

I must have involuntarily made a face because he said, “I know, it seems a little strange.  A public speaking class — online.  But one thing I notice is that the students, who had to record their speeches online for me to watch, the students recorded and re-recorded their speeches several times to get it right.  I think they’re influenced by television, where filming always comes out perfectly.”

Unexpected Presentation Benefits – Filming Your Speech for a Grade

I  was fascinated by the fact that his students probably rehearsed their presentations much because of this approach.  I’m guessing that his students rehearsed their speeches more than my students did when I taught public speaking.


Because increased repetition generally makes for a better speech, it made me reconsider the idea of teaching public speaking in a blended environment.


Practicing Online & Recording Yourself

A couple of years ago, I partnered up with a Presentation Gym and have coached others online using Skype, but nothing like what the professor was describing.


Bravo to the colleges willing to give something new a try — and in the process, inspiring the rest of us to challenge our assumptions!


How Will Technology Help You Give a Better Presentation?

I guess the moral of the story is you never know how a new application of an existing technology is going to help improve your presentation!
So the challenge is yours now!  Will you record and re-record yourself to improve your presentation?


Love to hear how it’s going and how you’re applying technology to make your presentations better!!  Add your notes in the comments below!


Craig Hadden – Remote Possibilities
Craig Hadden – Remote Possibilities

Recently I enrolled in the world’s biggest online public-speaking course (a “MOOC”), run by the Uni of Washington. I found I really benefited from videoing my rehearsals, and usually I did just a couple of takes and uploaded the best one for each assignment. In a way, it just reinforced the way I tend to prepare for talks anyway, as videos of my rehearsals and my live talks have really helped me progress, even before the online course began. (I’m a slightly less nervous speaker than about a year ago when I began trying to improve!) It was also really fun to evaluate other students’ talks and give them feedback (keeping it balanced and actionable). An interesting effect of the videos was that they let me really see what I’m doing better than when I started, whereas unfortunately a couple of senior members at Toastmasters have tended to focus more on what I could still do better! Anyway, if you have time, I recommend having a look at the UoW course, or possibly even enrolling. (For me, never having learned formal rhetorical theory, there were some new structures and techniques. It sounds like you might have much more background in that side of things though, so the course might not appeal so much for you.) I’ve posted a link to the UoW public-speaking course on my blog, plus links to 4 other free courses (which are email-based). At least 1 of the latter encourages enrolees to video themselves. I hope they’re new to you and of interest. Cheers!


Craig - Thanks for sharing your experience with the MOOC! Glad it's been a good experience for you. I will definitely check it out!