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Sample Topics Presentation Skills for Non-Presenters:

Secrets of Experienced Presenters Everyone Can Use – Do you have difficulty presenting ideas at work? At home? In the community? Are you looking for ways to be a more effective public speaker? Then Presentation Skills for Non-Presenters is for you. Learn how to use the same techniques experienced presenters employ to connect with an audience and deliver their message comfortably and confidently. Learn how you can exceed even your own expectations.

How to NOT Fall Victim to the Twitter Backchannel – Have you ever sat through a presentation and thought, “That was good content, but, man, was it painful!”? With audiences using Twitter real-time, do you worry what others will tweet about you? In this program, you’ll learn both the techniques for creating a more engaging presentation and how to monitor the backchannel when you speak to make your presentation even more relevant. Learn how to give your audience something good to tweet!

Speaking When the Stakes Are High – When the difference between garnering support and losing to the opposition comes down to your speech, are you confident that you know what to say and how to say it? This program outlines the essential elements to engaging an audience and connecting them to your message. The time you invest now will make the difference when you speak later. How high are your stakes?

Connecting the Dots Through Story: How to Find and Develop Stories to Make Your Message Stick – Astute business leaders know that stories provide a compelling means in which to connect with employees, clients and prospects. Sure you have your three favorite stories you always tell, but how can you find and develop more stories? And how do you craft those stories to have the desired impact? In this program you will learn tools and techniques to find and sculpt new stories to make a difference with your audiences.

Power Up Your PowerPoint: PowerPoint is a presentation tool — but you wouldn’t know it when even the default template suggests a bullet point approach. You may suspect there’s a better way to do PowerPoint and during this session, you’ll find out what approach that is. You’ll see why the traditional bullet point approach is less effective and how you can redesign PowerPoint slides that will illustrate your learning points in a way that engages your audience and makes your content memorable. Before and after versions of slides will illustrate the effectiveness of Powering Up Your PowerPoint.

When a Leader Speaks: Tools to Connect, Communicate and Contribute – What you say as a leader matters. What you say when speaking formally in front of a group matters even more. This program focuses on specific public speaking techniques that you as a leader can use to more effectively connect with your audience, communicate your message and contribute to your organization. This engaging address will challenge you to make a difference the next time you speak publicly.

Talk is NOT Cheap: Using Effective Presentations to Grow Your Business – Everyday people make presentations to prospective clients only to lose to a competitor with a better show. If you’re tired of losing out to the competition then learn the techniques needed to connect to your prospects and open the door to more business. Talk is NOT cheap. Don’t waste any more time, energy or money on ineffective presentations.

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