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Presenting on Topics No One Wants to Hear About? Create Your Own Zombie Apocalypse ala the CDC!


I don’t know who’s idea it was to create a CDC campaign based on the Zombie Apocalypse but I think the idea was BRILLIANT!

Think about it.  They took a subject that we all know is good for us but which we don’t really like to do anything about it – preparing for natural and man-made disasters –– and turned it into a pile of fun!

People have struggled to do presentations on topics that while they find interesting and important but that they worry their audiences will resist or be bored by.  As a presentation skills trainer and coach, I struggled with what to tell people.

I do believe being passionate and energetic about your subject helps make it more engaging for your audience.  And I’ve helped clients create fun game-like activities to engage their audiences.  But I think the CDCs approach, appealing to the campy, pop-culture, fun side of audiences is terrific.

I could see a disaster preparedness speaker taking the zombie metaphor through and entire presentation and walk through the steps to prepare to protect yourself in the zombie apocalypse or other disaster.  Could you see that being more engaging than just straight out guilt or fear as a motivator?  I love it!

What’s Your Challenging Subject that You Need to Speak On?

What’s the topic you want to address with your audiences that you think they’ll resist?  What makes them want to push away?  Can you come up with your version of the zombie apocalypse to find a fun way to engage and entertain your audience?  Need to talk about planning for retirement?  Vampire live forever… how do they fund their estates?   Need to make a presentation to management about upgrading equipment?  Can you turn that into a super hero story like the X-men?  Sure these are serious topics.  But could a little campiness help get our message across better?  In an attention-deficit, entertain-me-now, wait-while-I-post-that-on-Facebook kind of world, maybe we need to think about getting a little goofy.

What Do You Think?  Are You Willing to Find a Zombie Apocalypse for Your Subject Matter?  Want Help Finding It?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Even more, I’d like to see how we can help each other brain-storm ideas!  Add your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section!