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Presentation Skills Training – Atlanta

Public Speaking Leadership

Have a group that needs presentation skills training?

We can come in for a few hours or a few days based on your needs.

With our programs, you can get

Hands-on skills development
Video recordings of classroom presentations
Your content folded into the training program
Upcoming presentations incorporated into the learning
Follow on coaching as you apply what you’ve learned

All training and workshops are be adjusted to meet the specific needs of you and your organization.


Click program titles below for more information about our public speaking training.

Stand Up, Stand Out:  Presentation Skills for Executives and Business Leaders

Stand Up, Stand Out:  Presentation Skills for Scientists and Technologists

Power Up PowerPoint:  How to Differentiate Yourself and Your Organization through More Effective Presentation Slides

Connecting the Dots through Story:  How to Find and Develop Stories to Make Your Presentation Message Stick

Tweet Me Right:  The Presenter’s Guide to Engaging an Audience with and without their Mobile Devices

Contact Kelly Vandever at 770-597-1108 to discuss your organization’s needs.

Or email Kelly at Kelly.Vandever @ SpeakingPractically .com.