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Need to Show a Website While You Present? Two Quick Tricks Using PowerPoint


By Kelly Vandever

Recently I watched a conference presenter who used Google docs slides as part of a presentation. In addition to his Google slides, he went to the live websites (rather than using a screen shot of the website) because the live sites better illustrated the points he was making.

When he came to the point in his presentations where he wanted to show a website, he stopped, look across a dozen or so open tabs, found the one he wanted, clicked on it, then resumed his discussion.

It’s wasn’t a huge deal though it did interrupt the flow of the presentation. But the audience appeared understanding and waited while the speaker went back and forth between the tabs and his presentation.

It just got me thinking…this would be a perfect use of PowerPoint’s Web Viewer App.


Tip #1 – The PowerPoint Web Viewer App

The Web Viewer App embeds a website into a PowerPoint slide. Once clicked, the website responds just as it would when viewed through a browser.

I know! Sounds almost too good to be true. But there are a few catches.


You Need PowerPoint 2013

I know all the cool kids are using Google docs, but they really should take a look at PowerPoint 2013. Microsoft continues to refine the application and the Web Viewer App is an example of why it’s worth the look-see.


Secure Website Only 

The Web Viewer App will only work with secure websites. In other words, the website must have an “s” as in https://.

Many popular websites allow you to display as http:// or https://. You’ll have to experiment to see if the website you want to use can be displayed as a secure website. (See Tip #2 if a secure website isn’t available.)


How to Use PowerPoint Web Viewer App

Go to the Insert tab, and toward the middle, and click the option that says, My Apps.


I have used a few Apps so your screen will probably look different than the one in the picture. Click See Allor go to the Microsoft App Store if that option is available.


You’ll get a pop up window. Do a search for Web Viewer.


And select Web Viewer when it comes back. (And look… it’s free!)


You’ll be asked to trust the app.


And a frame will be added to your slide. Step 1 – Type in the name of the secure website you want to use. Step 2 – Click the Preview button to ensure it will display properly.


If the website is secure, you’ll now see the live website within your slide.


You can resize the frame to fit the slide. 16:9 slide size maximizes the size of the website you can view.


Now when you’re in presentation mode and you click to that slide, you’ll see the website seamlessly and you’ll be able to navigate and demonstrate whatever you’d like.


Tip #2 – Live Hyperlink to the Website You Want to Display

If the website you need to display does not offer a secure option – which I suspect may have been the case in the majority of the websites I saw the presenter display, I recommend inserting a screenshot and make it a link to the website.

To do this, you go to the Insert tab and click on Screenshot. Note: the website you want to display needs to be the active, open window in your web browser for this to work.


You’ll get a pop up window that will ask you if you want to automatically hyperlink to the URL of the web page. Select Yes, and then when you’re in your presentation, click on the image, and your browser will open displaying the web page. Certainly easier to get there, than hunting for the right tab on the browser bar.


Of course you still have to navigate back to the presentation. But it’s easier to get to one PowerPoint document than to pick the right tab in a long line of tabs.


Two Quick Tips for Better Presenting with Website Demos

If you need to show a website live while presenting, consider these two options – the Web Viewer App or the live link to the webpage.

You’ll be less stressed and your audience will appreciate that you don’t have a break in your presentation flow.





Kelly Vandever is a leadership and communications expert who helps leaders and organizations thrive in today’s attention-deficit, entertain-me-now, wait-while-I-post-that-on-Facebook world.   Connect with Kelly and discover how opening up and speaking practically can bring you better business results. 

Contact Kelly by phone at 770-597-1108, email her or tweet her @KellyVandever.



I wanted to show a website that is containing java content; but with this, the java does not work. Is there a solution?


@kooranifar Sorry for not responding sooner Kooranifar.  Not sure I understand the question... and I'm afraid if I did I might not know the answer!  Using tip 2 above should work.  If not, you may have to do old school and have the tabs open on your browser.  


Great tip!!! thanks so much :)

Craig Hadden (@RemotePoss)
Craig Hadden (@RemotePoss)

Great tips Kelly! They seem far neater ways to present a website. (I don’t have PPT 2013 yet, but it definitely sounds worth a look.) My 1st thought was to close all the unneeded tabs in the browser, or at least drag the relevant tabs until they’re right next to each other. So a “low-tech” solution like that could help a bit too! For my own latest post, I wondered whether to make a YouTube clip, but in the end just used screenshots, which just seemed a lot easier! (It’s about a fairly obscure PPT feature that can help you present a slideshow smoothly if your timeslot gets halved on the day…)


Craig - Thanks for the comment! PPT 2013 does have some pretty groovy features... though I hear 2016 isn't far off now. Read your post about custom slide shows - good point and an excellent example of when to use. It really is a cool feature isn't it! I too wondered about YouTube vs. screenshots! I'm thinking it's easier to follow along with screenshots for a function that takes a few clicks. Thanks again for the comment!

Jim Brewer
Jim Brewer

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