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Microsoft Sway – Putting Content & Presentations into Design Templates – Trying Embed Code Feature


by Kelly Vandever

Sway from Microsoft

Sway is a new Microsoft produce available for free…  but it’s a little hard to explain.  Wikipedia calls it a “presentation program” and it can be used for presentations, but it’s probably better suited for publishing content.  It’s part of Microsoft Office, but it’s free and not part of the Office 2016 download.  You can access it online at Sway.com or you can download Sway app to your laptop, iOS, Android device or your Windows phone.  You have to have a Microsoft account in order to use Sway.  Regardless of whether you’re using the website or the application to develop a Sway, all Sways are saved online.  You can share them or embed them into a post.  But if you were going to use them in a presentation, you’d have to be connected to the internet (and praying for a strong signal) to display.

The advantage I think of Sway is that it encourages you to think about the content you want to publish or present, without thinking about how you’re going to make it pretty as you develop it.

I’ve often said when designing a presentation that you should get away from the PowerPoint deck and focus first on your content.  Sway is designed to specifically do this.

I’ve been playing around with Sway and this post is simply to try out its embed feature.

The first Sway below started as an article I wrote about giving employees constructive corrective feedback.  I wrote the article in a word document, then uploaded it to Sway.  To navigate through the Sway, scroll down over the image and you’ll see all the content.


The second Sway is an article I wrote for this blog September 23rd.  This one I added segment by segment and chose pictures as I went.  To navigate it, use the arrow keys to go from one screen to the next.


What do you think of the format?  Comments welcomed!



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