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If you’re presenting in a relatively large room and you’re availed of the opportunity to use a microphone, use it.  Even if you think you’re loud enough, having your voice amplified makes the experience better for your audience.  Use the microphone for them.

If you’re not accustomed to using a microphone here are a few tips.


Lavaliere microphone with battery packLavaliere Microphones

I recommend the lavaliere microphone as it allows you as the presenter to move out from behind the lectern while leaving your hands free for a clicker and natural hand gestures.

Women in particular plan ahead if you’re going to use a lavaliere microphone.  Be sure to wear clothing that allows you some place to clip on the battery pack.

The ideal place for men and women to wear the battery pack for the lavaliere is the small of your back on a belt or waist band.  Tuck in extra cord so it doesn’t present a distraction as it dangles against your clothes or protrude below the hem of your jacket.

When you attach the lavaliere to your clothing, try to place it as near to your mouth and as close to the center of your body as possible.  This will help keep the volume of your voice loud and consistent regardless of how you move your head while speaking.


handheld micHandheld Microphone

If you choose to use a handheld microphone, practice your presentation holding a microphone (or a proxy for a microphone) and a clicker (if you plan to use one).  Remember that you have to keep the microphone close to your mouth when speaking.  If you gesture with your microphone hand, the audience won’t be able to hear you and will be distracted by the fact you’re not using the mic.


Lectern microphoneMicrophone Attached to a Lectern

The microphone attached to the lectern is the least desirable because the lectern will put up a barrier between you and your audience.  Think long and hard before you plan on gluing yourself behind the lectern.


Sound Check Your Microphone

Whatever microphone you use, do a sound check with the AV tech.  As you test the microphone, speak in the same manner that you plan to speak when you present.  If you plan to get very loud at certain points or speak softly, test the microphone for those extremes too.


Other Microphone Questions???

What other questions do you have about using microphones?  Ask your questions in the comment sections below!