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Marketing Departments – Your Branding Is Being Ignored… So Drop It from Your Presentation Slides


When I first I joined Twitter back in 2009, I started following a few people I didn’t know but who seemed to be talking about topics of interest.  There was one guy in particular, we’ll call him Dee, who tweeted a whole lot.  Dee’s face adorned the left side of my screen regardless of the time of day or night when I visited Twitter.  I wasn’t finding his tweets especially helpful but I never took the time to go in to my “following” list and physically stop following him.  I found instead that when I saw his head on the side of the tweet, I’d just skip over his tweets and read those on either side of his.  He wasn’t enough of an annoyance that I stopped following him, but I pretty much ignored his messages.

It’s my contention that standard marketing slides used in most corporate presentations have become like Dee’s tweets.  They have that “branding” information at the top and bottom of the slide.  But people pretty much ignore that chatter and focus on what’s next to that branding.

Delete the Corporate Branding at the Top and the Bottom of Your Presentation Slides

I know why corporate marketing departments were asked to came up with the standard slides.  Left to their own devises, corporate citizens came up with some hideous slides.  Having people use a standard set of fonts and colors definitely made the slides look more professional.

But as more and more presenters are moving away from bullet points and adopting strong visuals for their messages, the header and footer branding on the slides has become an annoyance.

Your marketing branding messages at the top and the bottom of slides have not become so offensive that audiences have stopped listening to the message of your presenters.  But the branding has become so routine and repeated that they’re ignored.  So why include them on the slides any more.

Put the branding on the first slide.  Put the branding on the last slide.  But remove all that other noise so that the people who are viewing your presentation can focus on your message and not be surrounded by an annoyance that they have learned to ignore anyway.

What Do You Think?

Do you disagree?  Do you think branding on the slides of a presentation are effective?  Explain your views in the comments!