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Making an Impact: Steve Jobs. The Rest of Us.


I heard that Steve Jobs had died through a tweet.   The hubby, thinking it was some reference to him no longer being the head of Apple, got on his iPhone and searched for a story.  He read the news.  Steve Jobs is dead at age 56. Fifty-six is such a young age to die.


I’m typing this on my MacBook Pro, my iphone to my left and my iPad to my right.  I’m an Apple convert. Steve Jobs had an impact on my life, on Apple, on technology, on an industry, on musicians, on millions of people across the globe.


I’ve already heard snippets on the morning news from his commencement address at Stanford.  Called one of the world’s best speeches, it certainly has poignant advice for us all.


Fifty-six is such a young age to die.


My mother died at 56.


My mom had an impact on my even having a life.  She impacted her family.  On her community.  On her friends.


My mom started a ministry in her church to drop off a small loaf of bread to people who visited the church as a way of saying, “We noticed you were here.  Welcome.  Come back.”


We Noticed You Were Here.


Isn’t that what we all want in some way?  For someone to notice we were here?


Yesterday I listened to an audio recording of a man named Doc Hendley talking about a non-profit organization called Wine to Water.  He talked about going to Darfur to drill wells for fresh water.


Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Lisa who is starting a non-profit and will be going to Africa to help children in PARENTLESS homes – helping them with life skills, working to educate people on AIDS that has taken away the lives of those parents.


I’m married to a man who gives a voice to the victims of crimes.


I’m feeling pretty small in comparison.  Am I having an impact?  Are you?



Fifty-six is such a young age to die.


I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with this feeling.  I don’t want to stop working on my business.  I genuinely want to help people give voice to the information that’s inside them and to be able to present that information to others who need to hear it.  Is that enough?  I don’t know.  Will I have an impact?  I don’t know.


I’m planning to live to at least 50 more years.  I’m 48.  My grandmother is 98 and doing well so I decided to take after her.  I don’t know what impact I may have.  Do you?



Thank you to Steve Jobs and Doc Hendley and Lisa and all those out there who do things that have an impact.  May the rest of us find a way to have an impact too.