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It’s Amazing What You Can Do in PowerPoint! Changing Colors & Cropping Images to Create a Whole New Image


“I like your slides, but I don’t have any editing software to make changes to my images.”

Those were the words one of the participants in a recent training class said.

We’d finished the session and a few stragglers stayed after the program to ask some questions.

“There’s a lot you can do in PowerPoint,” I told her.  And then I showed her how I to create this slide*…

PPT Slide with Image Color and Crop Changes

Start with the Image on Two Blank Slides

First, I find a picture of a silhouette of people (I found this image for free at sxc.hu – my favorite spot to find free pictures.)

I inserted the picture on a blank slide with no formatting.  (You can change to a blank slide, from the Home tab, in the Slides grouping to the left, click on Layout.  Select the option called Blank and you’ll have as slide with no default formatting.)

Then I copy the slide so I have two identical slides with the image in the exact same place.


Change the Color

On one of the slides, I select the image and go to the Picture Tools Format tab.

To the left in the Adjust grouping, click on the button called Color.  Notice at the bottom row of the options… see how it turns the picture into a different color.  Select the color you want.

Change the color of your image in PPT

Crop the Image

Next, I cropped the image to equal the 37% statistic I wanted to highlight.  Again from the Picture Tools Format tab, over to the right in the Size grouping, click on Crop.  This will give you some thick black lines in the corners and on the slides that you can then move to crop out a portion of the picture.  In my case, since 37% of 9 people is 3.33, I cropped the picture so that only 3 and a third people were showing.

Crop the image to show the area you want to represent


Copy and Paste the Cropped Image onto the Original Image

Then I copy the cropped image and paste it into the slide with the black silhouette image.

Because I’d copied the slide to start with, the modified image is in the exact same location and it looks like I colored 37% of the people yellow.

Pretty cool, eh?

*This function works in PowerPoint 2010 or 2013.  Sorry not sure about earlier versions.  Email me at Kelly DOT Vandever @ SpeakingPractically.com and let me know if it works in earlier versions!