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How to Get Pictures for Your Slides without Even Leaving PowerPoint: Image Add-Ins


By Kelly Vandever

Back in the olden days of PowerPoint, you could insert images from a Microsoft library of images.  And you were cleared to use the images, as long as it was for non-commercial purposes.

Eventually Microsoft phased out the image library.  But now, it’s back… kind of… with Add-Ins.

What Are Add-Ins

Add-Ins are mini programs or apps by third parties that you can “Add-in” to your version of PowerPoint whether in the copy downloaded to your computer or in Office 365 online.

These add-ins to PowerPoint can do any number of things but for this post, we’re focused on add-ins to add free images to slides.

Finding Add-Ins

To find add-ins for images, go to your Insert tab, and notice where it says Store in the Add-ins group.

Click on Store and you get a new window where you can search or browse through some of the more popular or suggested Add-ins for you.  Or you can search for Add-ins related to images.  Some are paid images but several are free.

In my case, I’ve added Pexel and Pickit Free Images.  Notice since I added the Add-ins, my version of PowerPoint has changed.  On my Insert tab, you can see that a Pexel group has been added.

And on the Home tab, a Free Images Pickit group has been added.

When you click on one of the Add In, you get a new pane, and you can search and insert images from those panes.

Advantages of Add Ins

1 – Free Images* – Add-in images are free, *assuming you choose an Add-in that specifies it has free images.

2 – Time Savings – Because Add-ins are within PowerPoint, you will save some time, i.e. you don’t have to leave PowerPoint, go to a website, download the file, then manually search your computer and add it to the slide.  Add-ins are very convenient and easy to work with.

Disadvantages of Add Ins

1 – Mixed Image Quality – The image quality varies greatly.  If you like to enlarge the image (like I do), you have to insert and view in Slide Show mode to make sure the resolution still looks good once the picture is added/enlarged.

2 – Ads –  Yep, I have seen ads pop up in these free image Add-ins.  Small price to pay perhaps for free images?

Other Add-In Images Favorites?

How about you?  Have you found other image Add-ins that you like?  Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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