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Training & Workshops

Have a group that needs help with presentation skills?  Do they need time and a framework to apply the skills?  That’s where training and workshops come in.


When you have several people who need presentation training, we can come in for a few hours or a few days to give them hands-on skills development.  We can include video recordings, fold your content into the training and incorporate upcoming presentations into the learning.  We can even provide pre- and post-training evaluations as a way to further measure and encourage the application of the training.  All training and workshops can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of you and your organization.


Topics include:

  • Stand Up, Stand Out:  Presentation Skills for Business Leaders
  • Presentation Skills for Non-Presenters:  Secrets of Experienced Presenters Everyone Can Use
  • Power Up Your PowerPoint:  Creating Slides that Move and Engage Your Audience
  • Tweet Me Right:  How to Create Killer Audience Interaction Using Social Media
  • Connecting the Dots Through Story:  How to Find and Develop Stories to Make Your Message Stick
  • When the Expert Speaks – Translate Your Expertise So Non-Experts Can Understand