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Other Services

Presentation Slide Intervention

There are a lot of awful slides out there riddled with bullet points, causing eyes to glaze over like the sleepless parents of a newborn.  We can fix that.

Whether you want us to do the heavy lifting or you want to be trained to do it yourself, we can provide you with the how’s and why’s of more effective presentation slides.


Bigger Brains

Bigger Brains provides online professional business training that won’t bore you to tears.

If you or your organization needs professional development courses, Bigger Brains has great offerings to get you the training you need.  At just $17 a month per seat, it’s a great deal.

Click here for information about this offer, courses currently available and those programs that are coming soon.

Speaking Practically’s Kelly Vandever is the instructor for two Bigger Brains courses – Power Up PowerPoint and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010.  


Presentation Gym

Presentation Gym is an online site where you can practice your presentation through your webcam, upload your slides, review your presentation then get feedback from a seasoned presentation skills coach. Kelly Vandever is one of the Presentation Gym partners who can coach you using the online tool.

Click here for more information about Presentation Gym.


Twitter for Presenters

Speaking to a large crowd who likely will be tweeting? Why not use the Twitter backchannel to improve your audience interaction, reach others outside the room and grow as a speaker!

We offer training, consulting and even Twitter moderation to help you connect better with your audience before, during and after a presentation.

Contact us at 770-597-1108 for more details.


Webinar Coaching

Producing a webinar for your clients or employees?  We can also work with you to make sure your online presentations are effective and meaningful.

Contact us directly for more information.



Self-Shot Video Editing

Want to enhance the business video that you shot yourself? Send us the video and we can insert basic effects to help you improve the look and feel of your video. Contact us to find out more.