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Even Microsoft Is Getting on Board: No More Default PowerPoint!


Many of you know that I’m an Apple convert.  But I have to give props to Microsoft.


Today in Ellen Finkelstein’s newsletter she shared a link to her website where she talks about a series of 15-minute webinars that Microsoft has started.  Thanks Ellen for sharing!!


I watched the first of the series called Working with photos in PowerPoint.  About 8:30 into the webinar, the presenter actually recommends making the photograph bigger and even expanding it outside of the boundaries of the slide.  That’s right!  He didn’t use the default insert box that pops up with a new slide.  Instead, the Microsoft presenter showed how he could expand the photo beyond the edges and even demonstrated adding a text box on top of the photograph to include a short message!


People, if it’s good enough for Microsoft, who as far as I know, invented the default bullet points in PowerPoint, isn’t it good enough for you?!


Abandon the bullet points!!


Kudos to Microsoft for making the change and showing others how to do the same!  And thanks again to Ellen Finkelstein for sharing!