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Does Your Presentation Support the Impact You Want to Happen on the Face of the Earth?


“So, Kelly, what did you think about those slide?  I tried to get a look at your face while they were showing their slides but I couldn’t see you.  So I just had to ask you, what did you think!”

The professional association meeting had just ended.  The slides were typical for corporate presentations:  lots of bullet points, lots of words, impossible-to-read complex diagrams.  People who know me know that I teach others how to do slides which are more visually appealing and which actually improve retention over the bullet point format.  My comment back to the colleague asking the questions was, “It’s OK.  I still have work to do to transform the slides of corporate America.”  Driving home from the event, I started thinking about something I’d learned a while back.  If you can put your company mission in the frame work of eliminating something bad from the face of the earth, or bringing something wonderful to the world – and just focus on that and nothing else – what would your “thing” be.  For me my mission would be eliminating boring presentations from the face of the earth.  What’s yours?  Do your presentations reflect your need to eliminate or promote your mission?

Do You Care Enough to Share Your Very Best?

Some of my clients do presentations as a way to promote their business or move prospects along in the sales cycle.  My advice is that with such presentations, you need to provide valued to the audience.  What better way to do that than to think of what you want to eliminate or promote and passionately share the solutions with your audience?

But Kelly – That’s What They Pay Me For?

I know that some folks are very protective of their intellectual property.  But my contention is, and I know there are others out there that agree with me, that you’re better off sharing your information.  If you give your audience something of value before they are your clients, the subliminal message you send is “See the value you gotten from me now?  Imagine how much value I’ll give you if you’re a client?”  Over protect your intellectual property, and you won’t develop that sense of trust with your prospect.

My Mission Is…

I found that if I focus on this mission of mine, to eliminate boring presentations from the face of the earth, I give more to my audience.  I don’t come off as desperate for business.  I become more giving.   I have a lot more positive vibe.  And that translates in being more appealing to prospects.

So What Do You Think?

Could you be more giving with your audiences if it means eliminating or contributing to the world as in your mission?  What would that mean for your prospects?  For your business?  What’s been your experience?  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Tell us in the comments section!