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Connection in Imperfection


I used to say, that with presentations, it’s not about perfection…it’s about connection.

And the reason I said that was I believe that for a presenter to make a difference, the speaker has to connect with their audience.  I still believe that.

I also believe you don’t need to be a perfect speaker — with perfect gestures and phraseology and vocal variety — to be effective and to make a connection.

Therefore I came to the conclusion that with presentations, it’s not about perfection… it’s about connection.


But now I have a new belief, or maybe better said, a refinement to the belief above.  And that is that there is connection in imperfection.

When you’re vulnerable with an audience, they love it.  They appreciate it.  They respect you and connect with you more.  As one imperfect person to another imperfect person, the audience respects you for being vulnerable and it makes you more approachable to be less than perfect.

So that’s my new saying… there’s connection in imperfection.

What do you think?



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