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Computer Troubleshooters


Quarterly Accountability Calls – $299 for a year

You want to stand out… but you’re busy.  You need someone to help hold yourself accountable to your presentation marketing plan.  With this program, you and Kelly will meet quarterly by phone to review:

Your quarterly plan for presentations based on your marketing plan

The number of presentations conducted or scheduled

A list of organizations contacted and results

Follow through with leads generated during presentations

Results from follow through – Who’s moved to a prospect?  Customer?

Plans for presentations and organizational contacts for the next quarter

General questions about the presentations

Individual Coaching – $499 for Two 30-Minute Presentations

Gain the practice and the confidence you need with individual coaching for your upcoming presentations.  Get two, individual coaching session for a presentation up to 30 minutes in length.  Coaching can take place in one of the following ways:
Presentation Gym Tool – Presentation Gym is an online system where you can record a 30-minute presentation online using a webcam and upload your presentation slide.  Great when you’ve got a tight schedule because you can schedule when it’s convenient for you.  After you’ve recorded your session, you will receive Kelly’s written feedback on the presentation through the same tool.  For more information about Presentation Gym, go to http://presentationgym.com.
Scheduled Skype Call – Schedule a two-hour time slot with Kelly and deliver a 30-minute presentation using Skype and your webcam.  Kelly will provide live feedback, answer any questions and make a recording of the session to provide to you.  Great if you prefer immediate feedback on your presentation.
Mailing a DVD – Record a 30-minute presentation (with or without an audience) and send a copy of the recording to Kelly.  Kelly will provide feedback by phone and/or email.


Assistance with Arranging for Speaking Engagements – $50/Hour, 2 Hour Minimum

Kelly or representative of Speaking Practically will assist you in researching and booking speaking opportunities in your local area.  Assistance could include:

Creating lists of local organization who use speakers at regularly recurring events

Contacting organizations to attempt to book you for future meetings

Coordinating logistics for booked events

Interviewing perspective audience members prior to the event

Follow up correspondence after an event