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10 Most Popular Presentation Posts of 2013 (at least at this blog site anyway)

As the year draws to a close, it’s time once again to recap the top 10 most visited blog posts of the year here at Speaking Practically.

As you think about your upcoming presentations, I hope you’ll find these topics and thoughts helpful.

Thanks for a great 2013!


#1 – What If I Don’t Like the Default Size 16:9 in PowerPoint 2013?

Currently, when opening a new slide in PowerPoint 2013, it will open by default to a larger sized slide.  Instead of the traditional 4:3 dimensions most people are used …

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What ARE All the Different Ways that You Can Present????

I know my mom told me not to talk to strangers, but it’s really tempting to do so on Twitter!  (OK, OK, I do it all the time on Twitter!)

Some time back, I ran across a tweet from someone asking for help on a presentation.  I learned from Gary Vaynerchuck (speaker and author of the book “The Thank You Economy” ) the idea of giving without asking for anything in return, so I tweeted back offering to help.  He sent me a link.  What I thought I’d see was a recording of …

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Webinar Polling – It’s Not Just for Pretending that You’re Interacting with the Audience Anymore!

Some of you youngsters reading this may not remember the days before online.  But for us old folks, I remember attending my first WebEx event.  The instructor had us take a cheesy poll, I forget about what.  Except back then, it was such a “gee whiz” thing – to be listening on a conference call line and seeing the same screen as people across the country – that we didn’t mind the cheesy poll.

The technology and the vendors have expanded since I was first exposed to WebEx.  Yet many …

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More Webinar Tips Thanks to Tara Lamboley, Chief Business Development Officer at REV Demand

I love technology — except when it doesn’t work!

I’m having some sort of issue that is keeping people from leaving comments on my blog!  Travesty!!

While I’m working through that issue, the wonderful Tara Lamboley with REV Demand emailed me more webinar tips that I just HAD to share!

Please be patient while we get the technology working again.  And in the meantime, enjoy wisdom from Tara Lamboley.  Thanks for sharing Tara!!!


Great post, Kelly!  I like your idea of approaching Webinars as we …

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Liven Up Your Next Webinar – Part 2

Yesterday, I shared with you ideas for improving your next webinar.  Let’s pick up with more suggestions on adding audience interaction.
More Tips on Audience Interaction
Use “Hand Raise” to Poll the Audience
As you go through your content, are there places where it would be helpful to know who cares about the topics?  Consider asking people to use the “raise hand” feature to indicate their interest.

For example, with the TAG orientation program, there are a list of “Fun” events that the organization sponsors.  They can ask attendees of the webinar …

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Liven Up Your Next Webinar – Part 1

I recently provided some consulting to TAG – the Technology Association of Georgia – on an upcoming orientation webinar that they’re putting together.   I thought that others might benefit from the advice as well.

After all, none of us want our audiences checking their email or falling to sleep during our webinars!

Today and tomorrow, we’ll talk about ideas for how you can liven up your next webinar!




Your Webinar – The TV Program
While a webinar is a form of business presentation, to …

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