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Liven Up Your Next Webinar – Part 1

I recently provided some consulting to TAG – the Technology Association of Georgia – on an upcoming orientation webinar that they’re putting together.   I thought that others might benefit from the advice as well.

After all, none of us want our audiences checking their email or falling to sleep during our webinars!

Today and tomorrow, we’ll talk about ideas for how you can liven up your next webinar!




Your Webinar – The TV Program
While a webinar is a form of business presentation, to …

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Top 10 Blog Post – Speaking Practically – Improving Presentations

In keeping with the theme of the end of year lists, below are the Top 10 Speaking Practically Blog Posts based on the number of views.  I hope you enjoy the recap and will explore any interesting posts you may have missed!  Thanks for clicking!




#1 Most Viewed Post – 5 Golden Rules of Speaking to Promote Your Business, …

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#NSAUN Twitter Stream – From the Webinar – Tweet Me Right: The Speaker’s Guide to Killer Audience Interaction Using Twitter

I’ve captured the tweets from today’s NSA Webinar:  Tweet Me Right:  The Speaker’s Guide to Killer Audience Interaction Using Twitter.


Click the link below to see the tweets.  And note, just like in the Twitter stream, the most recent posts at the top.

Twitter Stream NSA Tweet Me Right Webinar

If you have any further questions or want to add to the conversation, please add them into the comments!

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Twitter – The Presenter’s New Best Bud – Part 11 – Real Friends Help You Be Better

Do you have a friend who is willing to tell you the truth, even when it’s something you don’t want to hear – but you know it’s something you need to hear?  My husband Rich is like that.  One of the things I love best about my husband is his ability to be direct.  It doesn’t mean I always love hearing those pieces and parts where I’m not perfect.  But it saves me a lot of heartache later when I do.  Well Twitter can be that …

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Twitter – The Presenter’s New Best Bud – Part 10 – Keep the Conversation Going

SoCon11.  Following the questions from the panel moderator, the floor was opened for audience questions.  Runners maneuvered around the packed house getting microphones to those who had questions.  As the time allotted on the program came to an end, there were still folks with hands raised who didn’t get a chance to ask their questions.

While you might like to continue answer questions, you have to honor the time table of the event planners.  Now with Twitter, you can enjoy another channel to keep the conversation going.
Before …

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Twitter – The Presenter’s New Best Bud – Part 9 – Kelly Vandever’s Twitter Stream at #SoCon11 #Tweetrt

As promised – below are the tweets from my session at SoCon11 on Saturday plus a few follow-ups tweets.  Thanks to the attendees who made it a great session.  And special thanks to my Twitter moderator Jay Lambert @lambertjay who was awesome as you’ll see from the tweets!

I’ve reordered the tweets and grouped related tweets together to make the stream easier to read.






LambertJay: Moved to room 3019 RT @KellyVandever: Involve your audience! Use Twitter backchannel! Tweet …

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Kelly Vandever – Tweet Me Right Slides from SoCon11

It was a great day at SoCon11.
Below is a copy of  my slide deck from my presentation.

SoCon11 Tweet Me Right

Looking forward to next year!


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Twitter – The Presenter’s New Best Bud – Part 8 – Making the Most of Twitter During the Presentation

Gee, looking back over the last 7 posts (has it really gone on this long?) it’s a bit like expecting a new baby.  There’s a lot of preparation and fuss during a pregnancy just like there’s a lot of fuss and preparation to prepare an audience to tweet.  But just like with a pregnancy the most important part is the baby, so too with your presentation in that the most important element is your content.  Let’s not forget that!

So you’ve set the tone, told the audience …

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Twitter – The Presenter’s New Best Bud – Part 7 – Coaching Your Twitter Moderator

My husband has run triathlons for several years, all the while inviting me to join him.  I eventually decided that while I had no desire to run or swim, it might be fun to ride bicycles together.  I always liked riding bikes as a kid and it would give us a way to exercise and spend time together.  While of course I didn’t forget how to ride a bike, the new bicycle I got had way more moving parts than I remembered as a kid.  I …

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Twitter – The Presenter’s New Best Bud – Part 6 – The Twitter Interaction

My mom was a great cook… but she didn’t have a ton of patience.  Consequentially, she never taught me to cook and her cooking always seemed to have this mystical quality.  I lived in the dorms throughout college so I never learned the culinary arts during that time either.  Rich and I married the same weekend as I graduated from Iowa State University and, fortunately for both of us, we received a couple of cook books as wedding gifts.  When I finally cracked open the cook …

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