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Most Popular Blog Posts of 2012

With just a few days left in 2012, let’s take a look back and the most popular blogs of 2012! Did your favorite make the list?

#1 – Thank You to Big Fish Games
May 12th, 2012
Life does keep us humble sometimes, yes??

My number one post for the Speaking Practically blog… had nothing at all to do with presentations!

I got …

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“We desperately need great communications from our scientists and engineers in order to change the world”

I was coaching a scientist with the CDC.  She was preparing to present research findings about HIV prevention.

It occurred to me that I may never pull together a presentation with as great an impact on human lives as this scientist.  But if I could help her communicate her message, then my work had meaning.

Melissa Marshall’s TED Talk – Talk Nerdy to Me
In a four minute TED video, Melissa Marshall, a faculty member with the Department of Communication Arts & Sciences …

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Survey Results – The Technical Presenter’s Bible

Thank you to the 73 people who completed the survey regarding the Technical Presenter’s Bible.  My co-author and I were pleased to see that there is both need (which we suspected) and interest (which we weren’t sure about) in a book specifically geared to those who do technical presentations.

Below are the survey results (with slight modifications/names withheld).  We’ll keep you posted on the details of the book when we closer to it being ready!

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Calling All Technical Presenters! Please complete this survey!!!

A co-author and I are wondering if we write a book for technical presenters, will technical presenters care?  Does anyone want to read such a book???

If you are a technical presenters, won’t you please take this survey and give us your thoughts????




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Go with the Flow – How to Organize Your Technical Presentation to Get Business Results – Part 4 – Issue-Resolution Structure

During my time in the IT industry, it became clear to me early on that technologist have to have mad problem solving skills.

Using existing technology, trying to meet the needs of the business, finding a work-around for an unusual need.  Great technologists are master problems solvers.   So of course a discussion of the organization of the most common technical presentations has to include the Issue – Resolution Structure

4.  Issue – Resolution Approach
Called my many names, this approach general boils down to a combination of:

Here’s the …

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Go with the Flow – How to Organize Your Technical Presentation to Get Business Results – Part 3 – Chunking by the Numbers Structure

I once broke up a fight at a truck stop diner.

One summer while in college, I waitressed during the graveyard shift at the Truck Stop Cafe in Jefferson, Iowa.  One night, around 3 AM, I heard a commotion and spun around to see two guys in a rope-a-dope hold.  From the body language of those around them, I could tell one of them had taken a swing at the other.  One man was dressed in a softball uniform, no doubt coming to …

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Go with the Flow – How to Organize Your Technical Presentation to Get Business Results – Part 2 – Step-by-Step Structure

I took a training class of Ken Blankard’s years ago called Situational Leadership.  In one exercise, I was set up as a person who was what is term “disillusioned learner” someone with some competency in a task or job, but with low level of confidence.  In the role play, managers used different leadership styles to “manage” me.  I remember experiencing first hand how good it felt to get very detailed direction when I was in the confused state of …

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Go with the Flow – How to Organize Your Technical Presentation to Get Business Results – Part 1 – Start with the End Structure

One of the men I admired early in my career was the late Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jeremy “Mike” Boorda.  At the time I came to know of him, he was in charge of the Naval Personnel Command.

Among the lessons I learned through his leadership was that you can’t just tell people things one way.  Your need to repeat yourself but in different ways to help the information to get through.

I think something similar can be said about presentations, but I’d …

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Twitter – The Presenter’s New Best Bud – Part 10 – Keep the Conversation Going

SoCon11.  Following the questions from the panel moderator, the floor was opened for audience questions.  Runners maneuvered around the packed house getting microphones to those who had questions.  As the time allotted on the program came to an end, there were still folks with hands raised who didn’t get a chance to ask their questions.

While you might like to continue answer questions, you have to honor the time table of the event planners.  Now with Twitter, you can enjoy another channel to keep the conversation going.
Before …

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