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I’m Their Manager. Do I Have to Be Their (Facebook) Friend?


by Kelly Vandever

Corey Perlman sent a note to a client, “Congratulations on being a non-smoker for 10 years.”

Nice thing to do…right?  But how did he know his client was celebrating 10 years being a non-smoker?  That’s something that doesn’t come up in normal conversation.

He knew because she posted it on Facebook.  And Corey didn’t keep his personal life and his business life separate.  He’s Facebook friends with his clients.

It was Corey’s story that helped me finally get it.

The question really isn’t, should I be Facebook friends …

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Want to Broadcast a Presentation for Free Online? You Can! With PowerPoint of All Things!

By Kelly Vandever


Say you want to present to a colleague in another state. You’d like to share some information or explain a new process and a simple phone call isn’t going to suffice. You need some visual aids to go along with what you’re saying.

Did you know you can use PowerPoint to help yourself out? And it’s free!

Here’s how it works.
Prepare Your PowerPoint Slides
Prepare your presentation slides just like you normally would. You can even include animations, videos or audio files.

Optimize Your Media
If you do have media files, be sure to optimize your media first.

Go to File/Info/Optimize Media …

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Special Online PowerPoint Training Offer — Plus Get So Much More!!!

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I’m very excited to be able to share a special offer for some great online training offered by my friends at Bigger Brains.


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Power Up PowerPoint

PowerPoint …

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