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Using the Power of the Camera in Presentations

By Natalie Gallagher


Many presenters have ample reason to record their presentations. It can be for the simple reason of watching to improve speaking skills, all the way to creating content for websites and marketing materials. But very few of us have the know-how to really use the camera in such a way that we look great.

My husband Shannendoah  is both a skilled presenter, and an experienced videographer, and he often coaches speakers on how to work with the camera to achieve …

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Sound Check, Testing…1, 2

by Bob Goodyear

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.

We’re so glad you could attend

Come inside! Come inside!

– Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

You may be asking yourself, “What can this song lyric possibly have to do with speaking?” Well, come inside and I’ll show you!

One of the trivial tasks that a speaker has to do when getting ready for a presentation is to do a sound check. The purpose of the sound check is to test the venue’s sound system and get it tuned in …

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Connecting Your Computer to a Projector

by Kelly Vandever

I arrived at the venue at 7 AM, hoping and praying that the employee who was scheduled to let me in would arrive before her scheduled 7:15 start time.

I hate cutting it so close.  The workshop was supposed to begin at 8 AM.

She pulled into the parking lot at 7:13.  I greeted her with genuine warmth and followed her into the building.

Once in the training room, I whipped out my MacBook computer, fired it up, plugged in …

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If you’re presenting in a relatively large room and you’re availed of the opportunity to use a microphone, use it.  Even if you think you’re loud enough, having your voice amplified makes the experience better for your audience.  Use the microphone for them.

If you’re not accustomed to using a microphone here are a few tips.

Lavaliere Microphones
I recommend the lavaliere microphone as it allows you as the presenter to move out from behind the lectern while leaving your hands free for a clicker and natural hand gestures.

Women …

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