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Don’t Overwhelm Me with Information!

By Pam Leinmiller

It seems that every minute of every day we are bombarded with information. Technology has allowed the flow of facts to happen at hyper-speed and often we are left feeling overloaded. It is no wonder that people leave a conference, presentation, or day of meetings shaking their head. They simply can’t absorb it all, let alone act on it in a meaningful way.

The goal of any presenter is for their audience to remember the information they set out to convey. When attendees walk away from the presentation remembering the …

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PowerPoint Slides are Changing, Thankfully!


By Kelly Vandever

“I don’t want to keep teaching people how to do better PowerPoints only to have them tell me, ‘Oh, we could never do that where I work.’ ”

This comment came from a colleague who was expressing his frustration about teaching people to present PowerPoints more effectively.

I’ve expressed similar sentiments myself over the years. But at this time of year, when we think of what we’re thankful for, I’m thankful that when it comes to PowerPoint slides in business presentations, times are changing!
Times Are Changing
While the statement above …

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Leadership and Listening: Creating Opportunities for Employees to Have Permission to Speak

By Kelly Vandever

It is the part of my podcast interview with Dr. Denise Cumberland that makes me sad.

For a research article, Dr. Cumberland interviewed 13 leaders who had participated in the Undercover Boss television show. (For those not familiar with the show, a CEO or other highly-placed leader goes “undercover” as a lower level employee in their organization to get a new perspective on their company.)

All the leaders told Dr. Cumberland that they learned a ton from the experience and made changes to improve their organization and the support …

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The “Why” of Leadership: Making Your Intentions Clear

By Kelly Vandever
The “Angst at Work” Conversation
I was sitting around with some friends who were talking about things that were being required of them at work. Not the jobs themselves. But what was being required above and beyond their day to day work.

“I gotta do these health-related things.”

“I have to go sit with people from other departments.”

“I have to track my weekly objectives on a spreadsheet.”

After much comment and angst it came down to:

“Why can’t they just let me do my job?!”

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Leadership Question – What Do I Do about that Unmotivated Employee that Does His/Her Job … But Who I Know Could Do So Much More?

By Kelly Vandever

Last week I was conducting a class for new managers and one of the exercises is designed to get the participants to work together in small groups to receive peer coaching on an employee who is “motivationally challenged.”

As I eavesdropped on one of the groups, I heard Owen say, “It’s not that he doesn’t do his job. He does what I ask him. He does a good job. But he never goes beyond what’s asked of him. He’s been there for 26 years. There’s so much he could be …

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Being the Boss and Making the Decisions

by Kelly Vandever

“I need to shut that noise down now.”

My friend was speaking about one of her employees who’d been speaking up and making suggestions about how to do something at work.

“What? What’s that face you’re making?” she asked.

I’m still not used to the fact that my facial expressions give away the thoughts running through my brain…even though it happens to me all the time.

This friend knows me well. She’s even listened to my Permission to Speak podcast.

So I say, “Well, my podcast and the …

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By Kelly Vandever

A friend was telling me about a conversation he was about to have at work.

He’s a manager of managers. One of the managers who reports to him has two employees who aren’t doing what she asks.

“I was in the meeting when they said they’d do it,” my friend told me. “But now that the work deadline is fast approaching, there’s evidence that they haven’t done what they committed to.”

“They don’t respect her,” my friend continued. “So she’s asked me to step in which is just going to …

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Leaders: Help Your Team Deal with the Emotions of an Acquisition


By Kelly Vandever

I went through several acquisition while part of corporate America.  Sometimes I belonged to the company being acquired.  Other times, I was part of the acquiring company, and I was twice asked to manage a team that was part of one of those acquisitions.


When you’re in a leadership position, it’s important to help your employees deal with the emotional toll that comes along with being part of the acquisition process.


Consider how you can coach your employees to control what they can control.


Below is text that I provided …

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8.5 Ways to Speak Up and Add More Value to Your Organization

by Kelly Vandever

Want to keep your job?  Want to get a better job?  Find ways to add value at work!

One of the reasons people come to this site it to improve their public speaking they can get better at speaking up at work.  One way to show your value at work is to be able to present important information in a professional manner.  But there’s more ways that are important to speak up at work.  Consider these.

Tell your manager what change you want to make – …

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