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Being Vulnerable in Front of an Audience

My hubby Rich and I had just finished watching a movie on Netflix.  When we switched back to TV mode, it was about 9:45 PM.  I started flipping through the channels and came across the last part of an episode of Undercover Boss.  The male CEO was standing in front of a large group of employees, tears in his eyes, speaking with such emotions and sincerity.  The camera cuts away to show the employees, some of them with tears in their eyes and several nodding …

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Slides with Pictures and One or Two Words – Not Only Does It Look Better… It Works Better!

I did a presentation called “Connecting the Dots through Stories” for the Greater Atlanta Chapter of ASTD.  The presentation was geared around helping trainers find and use more stories in their training.  After the presentation, I was approached by a training manager from a large Atlanta-based company.  She didn’t ask me about the storytelling topic.  Instead she asked me how I developed my slides.



Creating Great Slides
When that training manager asked me about how I developed my slides, I recommended Garr Reynolds’ book Presentation Zen and she quickly wrote …

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The Glazed Over Look

“Kelly, tell me one thing… How can I avoid getting the glazed over look from my audience?”  That question came from Don, a gentleman I know through a networking group.  Don is in a highly specialized field.  Yet most of the people he works with as clients have no knowledge of his specialty.  “When I talk to a group, their eyes kind of glaze over.  How do I get their attention back?”

What Don wanted when he asked the question were techniques he could use …

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Wow! I Didn’t Know That! – Presentations that Promote Your Business without Turning People Off – Part 4 – This is the start of a beautiful relationship

Has this ever happened to you?  You build up in your mind that a particular presentation is going to be THE most important presentation of your professional life.  If you nail this presentation, then prospects will instantly turn into customers and customers will turn into raving fans.  You get yourself so worked up into the importance of the presentation that you have too much riding on the presentation.  In my case, I either get so stressed that I …

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Wow! I Didn’t Know That! – Presentations that Promote Your Business without Turning People Off – Part 3 – I Want What She’s Having

Tell a Story

The speaker seemed like a nice enough guy when he took the stage.  He set up the premise to his presentation.  It was similar to how most people open their presentations – in other words, it was pretty ho-hum, but not horrible.  Finally a few minutes into his presentation, he told a story about one of his clients.  The client had had a successful business.  Her numbers had gone down dramatically in the past year.  She was considering selling the business.  The speaker …

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Wow! I Didn’t Know That! — Presentations that Promote Your Business without Turning People Off – Part 2 – Know Your Audience & Speak to Something They Care About

Don't Waste Your Audience's Time - Provide Value!

So far, it had been a great conference.  The opening keynote was fascinating.  We had a great lunch.  And I was really looking forward to attending the first afternoon breakout session.  There were so many great options.  Based on the program descriptions, I narrowed my selection down to two.  I finally made my pick and headed to the room.


Because I’m so short, 5’3”, I sat in the front of the room so I could see better.  The …

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Wow! I Didn’t Know That! — Presentations that Promote Your Business without Turning People Off – Part 1

Bob is a really nice guy.  Smart.  Well-meaning.  Good at his work.  He was given the opportunity to talk about his industry at a chamber event.  He knew that 65% of his audience would be people who could use his services.  He was so excited.  This was his chance to talk all about his company so that people would understand what he did and want to hire him.

Bob is thinking that he should talk about his business like he’s seen so …

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Twitter – The Presenter’s New Best Bud – Part 11 – Real Friends Help You Be Better

Do you have a friend who is willing to tell you the truth, even when it’s something you don’t want to hear – but you know it’s something you need to hear?  My husband Rich is like that.  One of the things I love best about my husband is his ability to be direct.  It doesn’t mean I always love hearing those pieces and parts where I’m not perfect.  But it saves me a lot of heartache later when I do.  Well Twitter can be that …

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Twitter – The Presenter’s New Best Bud – Part 10 – Keep the Conversation Going

SoCon11.  Following the questions from the panel moderator, the floor was opened for audience questions.  Runners maneuvered around the packed house getting microphones to those who had questions.  As the time allotted on the program came to an end, there were still folks with hands raised who didn’t get a chance to ask their questions.

While you might like to continue answer questions, you have to honor the time table of the event planners.  Now with Twitter, you can enjoy another channel to keep the conversation going.
Before …

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Twitter – The Presenter’s New Best Bud – Part 9 – Kelly Vandever’s Twitter Stream at #SoCon11 #Tweetrt

As promised – below are the tweets from my session at SoCon11 on Saturday plus a few follow-ups tweets.  Thanks to the attendees who made it a great session.  And special thanks to my Twitter moderator Jay Lambert @lambertjay who was awesome as you’ll see from the tweets!

I’ve reordered the tweets and grouped related tweets together to make the stream easier to read.






LambertJay: Moved to room 3019 RT @KellyVandever: Involve your audience! Use Twitter backchannel! Tweet …

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