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Before and After: Training Visuals


By Tom Nixon

This original slide was created for a presentation that would suggest ways an insurance sales professional could engage a customer in some friendly small talk. The instructor would simply read the text on the screen to his workshop attendees — a very ineffective way to begin a conversation about the topic.

Let’s see what was done to enhance this slide:

  • Although the other slide redesigns in the deck are not shown, an overall background and style had been established. The headline typeface and style were chosen to suggest a friendly, casual but still professional format.
  • The layout and the textured blue background are consistent with the “look” of the other slides in the redesigned deck. The blue coordinates with the corporate colors and with an overall business feel. This slide is intentionally not a template — there are other, varied but compatible layouts at various points in the presentation.
  • The text has been greatly reduced to a few talking points so that the attendees can be encouraged to participate in a discussion rather than just passively listen as the presenter reads the slide.
  • Finally, some high quality stock “slice-of-life” images were included in a scrapbook format that would suggest a client’s cherished family photo memories.

Overall, the redesign gives a very professional but informal air to the presentation while still guiding the presenter to cover the necessary topics.


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