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A Presentation is Essentially a Performance


By Sarah Browne

You climb a stage and speak into a microphone to address a packed room of live audience. Does that mean a stand-up comedian, a vocal artist, and a political leader are also delivering a presentation just like you? Does that mean you need to be as entertaining as they are for delivering a business presentation?

Public speaking or presentations happen on a stage, therefore it is essentially a performance. This part is often overlooked by most orators who are criticized as boring presenters. Yes, a presentation has to be entertaining as it helps better communicate your ideas rather than educating your audience with statistics and facts that they cannot follow.

You can either turn up or tone down the amount of comic relief in your speech based on a quick analysis of the audience. For instance, you might have to tone up the entertainment value of the speech a few notches to keep young students interested and engaged.

Are you looking for more tips to improve your presentation skills, this infographic from Malcolm Andrews offers practical advice to help you.


Malcolm Andrews is an Executive Coach with 20 years of working with organizations in Hong Kong to identify and respond to the development needs of their key people. His range of workshops and coaching programmes include Leadership Style Development, Presentation Skills, Stakeholder Management, Negotiation Skills and Meeting Management. You can reach him at +852 9263 8594  or info@ andrews.hk.