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5 Things to Be Grateful for Related to Business Presentations


Business presentations

by Kelly Vandever

1.  Great Presenters – There’s nothing quite like that new car smell… and there’s nothing quite like a presenter who presents well.  The presenter shares content of value with their audience in a way that they not only follow but find meaningful.  OMG that’s the best feeling!

2.  Visual Slides – More and more business presenters are realizing the benefits of slides with visuals rather than riddled with bullet points.  Visual slides put the speaker more at ease – because they’re not reading their slides and can speak from the heart and head.  Visual slides help the speaker and audience connect more meaningfully because they can actually look at each other and not feel distracted by the deluge of text.  And visual slides are just plain nicer to look at!  Yeah!!!

3.  Engaged Audiences – When audiences are asking questions, tweeting, bringing up examples, and interacting with each other and the speaker, that means they’re connecting with the material.  We speak to communicate and to persuade.  A talkative audiences means they’re picking up what the speaker is laying down!  Score!!

4.  Googlebility – Thank goodness audiences can google anything a speaker says and check the facts.  We should always be honest.  If moral values don’t keep us that way, Google will.  Google is our new accountability partner.  Thank you Google!

5.  Finding Your Voice – We all want to be heard, to be valued.  Giving a meaningful business presentation can make a difference for our customers, our organization and ourselves.  Hmmmm.  Nice.

What say you?  What are you grateful for related to business presentations?!  Share in the comments below!

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