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3 Cool Websites to Get Free Images for Your Slides


By Kelly Vandever

In earlier blog posts, I’ve talked about the value of images on slides. It’s more than a tactic to make your slides look pretty. Images actually make presentations more effective in getting your message across and in making your message more memorable.

I’ve shared other sites where you can get free images.

And today, I’m delighted to share three additional sites that are new to me.


Pixabay has a great search engine and you can choose the resolution of the pictures you download. (Of course I always choose the highest resolution in case I want to manipulate the images or make them super big.)

Pixabay displays sponsored/paid images across the top, but their own images are very nice, free to use even for commercial purposes and don’t require you to put an attribution on the slide… all things I love about an image for a slide!



Unsplash has some of the most visually appealing images I’ve ever seen.


However, there is a huge drawback to using the site. The way in which Unsplash brings back images is awkward and makes finding the type of image you want difficult. For instance, in the screen shot below you can see that there are this odd groupings called collections. And when you drill down into the collections, the images may or may not be what you’d expect.


For instance, in the image below, in the collection called “Mortgage Banker” the first image that comes back is a close-up of a couple kissing. And the other images that came back didn’t say “mortgage banker” to me either.

If you really want a beautiful image and you have the patience to wade through the awkward searches, Unsplash will reward you with stunning, original images.


freepik is another site with a strong search engine and high quality images. However, freepik operates differently than many other “free” sites because it has free and subscription model within the site.  It also has standard images and premium images (more on that in a minute).

With the free images, you’re required to include attribution with the images. I emailed the site to ask the expectation with images on slides, and their requirement is that the attribution be placed on the slide during a presentation.


If you don’t want to put attributions on your slides, freepik does give you the option to exclude attribution with a paid membership. Membership is very reasonable compared to other paid image websites (as low as $7.50 a month for a year’s subscription or $9.99 for a month to month subscription as of the date of this post) and there’s no limit to the number of images you can download. Plus, those premium images I mentioned earlier are only available to members with a paid subscription.

Solid Sites for Free Images

These 3 sites provide you with great free resources for your presentation slides.

Have a favorite site that’s not listed? tell us about it in the comments below!!!


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