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3 Wacky Leadership Tips that Might Just Help You Lead a Professionally Human Organization


By Kelly Vandever

I’ve led within large organizations and small. I’ve led in the military, in business, and on nonprofit boards.  I received my Masters in management science. I’ve read hundreds of books on the subject and taught leadership to managers from over 200 organizations.

Yet it’s still hard for me to capture in just a few words the essence of leadership.

Rather than go on and on about all the amazing things you could do to be the best leader you can be, we’ll discuss three wacky, unconventional things you can do that …

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Don’t Present On a Topic

By Mark Kretschmar

You learned it in college; you may have learned it in high school: Select a topic of interest to the audience for your presentation. This rule isn’t so much “wrong” as it is distracting. Of course you should be speaking of something which interests the audience. Where this rule gets in the way, like most rules, is the implications and ramifications of its assumptions.

When an “interesting topic” becomes the driving force behind your presentation, you feel you have everything you need and you forget the Presentation Prime Directive: Make your …

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Create a Great Audience Connection

By Bob Goodyear

Creating a great audience connection is key to making a great presentation. It’s easy to say but sometimes it’s very hard to do. What does it take to create such a connection? Let me share 3 tips that I’ve learned over the years that have helped me.
Know Your Audience
This is such a key for making a great presentation and connecting with your audience. I’ve written previously about questions you should ask to get to know your audience before you show up to speak. While these questions will …

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Question Every Slide

By Tom Nixon

As you add, edit or review your slides here are 2 quick questions you can ask about each slide to see if it is just right for your presentation:
1. What is the POINT?
Does this slide have a single, clear, easily communicated message for your audience? Is it congruent with the goals of the presentation? Does it simply make sense for where it is and what it is saying?
2. Where is the POWER?
Does this slide deliver its message powerfully and efficiently? Are the graphics unambiguous and professional? Is the wording …

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The Latest News in Font Compatibility across PC and Mac Versions of PowerPoint!

By Kelly Vandever

Good News on the Font Front!
Not many people will appreciate good news about fonts…

But if you have to be flexible enough to present your PowerPoint slides on either a PC version of PowerPoint and a Mac version of PowerPoint, I have good news.

With the latest update to PowerPoint for the Mac, Microsoft made it so that fonts that are saved as embedded fonts* in a Windows version of PPT can now come over and be viewed correctly in Mac version of PowerPoint!  Yeah!  This should help some presenters from …

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